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Random Related Products

Random Related Products
Price: $24.99
Category:Other Improvements
Date Added:2014-02-24
Developer:(contact this developer)Qphoria
Free Updates and Support For:1 Year
Requires Core File Modifications:vQmod
Demo Links:
Random Related Products Random Related Products


File Name Compatible Versions
Random Related Products v1.5.3.x, v1.5.4.x, v1.5.5.x, v1.5.6.x


Supported OpenCart Versions:
v1.5.3 and later

What does it do:
This vQmod automatically adds other products from the same category into the related products tab.
For example, if you are looking at Nikon Camera and in the same Cameras category you have a Sony, Canon, etc.
The related products tab will randomly display those other products.
No Configuration. Just plug-n-play.

Main features:
* vQmod only. No files to edit or overwrite
* Plug-n-Play. Just drop it in and it does the work for you
* It adds to your existing related products. If you manually link 2 other products, it will fill the rest of the available slots with random products from the same category
* Configurable in the xml file.
* Is NOT theme dependent
* Automatically omits the current product from being related
* Should not affect other product mods as it is mostly standalone code.