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Options Modify Product Dimensions

Options Modify Product Dimensions
Price: $20.00
Category:Other Improvements
Date Added:2013-10-28
Developer:(contact this developer)ZumaDesign
Free Updates and Support For:1 Year
Requires Core File Modifications:vQmod
Demo Links: Admin Demo
(Username:admin Password:oc-demo)
Options Modify Product Dimensions Options Modify Product Dimensions


File Name Compatible Versions
Option Modify Dimensions v1.3 v1.5.4.x, v1.5.5.x, v1.5.6.x


This is a vQmod which allows you to use product options to modify it's dimensions, just as you would with price, points or weight. You can modify the dimensions based on addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), or equal to (=).

You will find this a useful companion to any shipping modules which use product dimensions to get rate quotes, such as Qphoria's UPS Deluxe addon.

You must install vQmod 2.2 or higher for this to work. You can get the latest release here:

Just drop the file "options-modify-dimensions.xml" in your vQmod xml directory and you're ready to go!

After it's installed, the first time you edit a product 4 additional fields will be added to the "product_option_value" table. No Core files will be changed.

To use, open a product for editing in the admin panel and click the options tab. Here you can enter numeric values for altering product dimensions length, width & height in the cart using +, -, * or = modifiers.

As a safety precaution, always backup your database & installation directory before installing new software.

To uninstall simply trash the xml file. If you wish you can remove extra fields which were added to your database table product_option_value: dimension_prefix, length, width & height.

v1.3 - Oct 28, 2013:
Added support for OpenCart versions 1.5.4, & 1.5.6

v1.2 - Oct 10, 2013:
Updated to work with earlier versions of vQmod which do not support multiple filename declarations for a single operation (v2.2 and earlier)

v1.1 - Oct 9, 2013:
Fixed bug which prevented writing to databases with certain prefix

v1.0 - Oct 7, 2013:
Original Release