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Live chat, helpdesk & support

Live chat, helpdesk & support
Price: $27.00
Category:Other Improvements
Date Added:2017-07-26
Developer:(contact this developer)zengrafic
Free Updates and Support For:1 Year
Requires Core File Modifications:vQmod
Demo Links: Front Demo and Admin Demo
Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support Live chat, helpdesk & support


File Name Compatible Versions
ZENCHAT 1.2 v2.0.1.x, v2.0.2.x, v2.0.3.x
ZENCHAT 1.3 v2.1.0.x
ZENCHAT 1.4 v2.2.0.x
ZENCHAT 1.5 v2.3.0.x
ZENCHAT 1.6 v3.0.x.x


Zen Live Chat, help desk & live support


Notice: If you shouldn't see the chat in the front end, please login to the admin panel and click on the red button on the top right in the admin area.

Your customers aren't clones! Use the Zen livechat to give your brand a voice and increase your sales with an individual support & help desk

Features/ Caratteristiche/ Eigenschaften:

- Plug and play module, easy to install (vqmod included, for version 3 no vqmod required).
- Fast and lightweight.
- No dependence on any third-party servers.
- Unlimited operators.
- Unlimited departments.
- Choose to go online or offline.
- Operators know how much visitors are online and what page they are visiting.
- Conversation history.
- Sound notifications which can be turned on/ off
- Full color customisation of the chat window
- etc...

- Modulo plug and play, facile da installare (vqmod incluso, per la versione 3 vqmod non è necessario).
- Veloce e leggero.
- Nessuna dipendenza da server terzi.
- Illimitati operatori.
- Illimitati reparti.
- Scegli se andare online o offline.
- Gli operatori sanno quanti visitatori sono online e che pagina stanno visitando.
- Cronologia delle conversazioni.
- Notifiche audio che possono essere accese/ spente.
- Personalizzazione dei colori della chat.
- ecc...

- Plug und Play Modul, einfach zu installieren.
- Schnell und leicht
- Keine Abhängigkeit von Drittanbieter-Servern
- Unbegrenzte Benutzer
- Unbegrenzte Dienststellen
- Wähle ob online oder offline zu gehen
- Die Benutzer wissen, wie viele Besucher online sind und welche Seite sie besuchen
- Gesprächsverläufe werden gespeichert
- Tonbenachrichtigungen die ein- oder ausgeschaltet werden können
- Volle Farbpersönlichisierung des Chatfensters
- ecc...

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