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Price: $22.99 $19.99
Category:Other Improvements
Date Added:2018-11-12
Developer:(contact this developer)ClearThinking
Free Updates and Support For:1 Year
Requires Core File Modifications:ocMod
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Licenses: Bug Fixes


Current Version: v302.2 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions:

This ocMod extension fixes known bugs in a default OpenCart installation. More bugs will be included in the fixes as they are discovered and reported. If you find a bug that occurs in a standard installation and it is not covered by this extension, please report the bug to Clear Thinking at

Note: Bugs caused by extensions are not covered by this ocMod, and will not be diagnosed or fixed as part of the extension support. The bug must be reproduceable on a default installation to qualify for support.


Current Admin Panel Bugs Fixed:

• Fixed certain characters not working in a password
• Fixed statistics not updating
• Fixed customer approval login link
• Fixed affiliate e-mail bugs
• Fixed customer front-end login link
• Fixed option weight bug
• Fixed store location bug
• Fixed dashboard chart width bug
• Fixed order editor bugs
• Fixed bug when clicking "Reset" in the Products Viewed report
• Fixed "Undefined index: recurring_id" bug
• Fixed admins from being able to disable themselves if there's only one enabled admin user

Current Front-End Bugs Fixed:

• Fixed incorrect text on account pages
• Fixed incorrect text on product pages
• Fixed Date/Time custom fields not showing up
• Fixed incorrect heading on cart page
• Fixed missing Success message on contact success page
• Fixed missing options on order alert mail

Current Extension Bugs Fixed:

• eWay
• FraudLabs Pro
• Free Checkout
• PayPal Braintree
• PayPal Express
• PayPal Payflow Pro
• PayPal Standard
• Worldpay