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Gross Prices (with automatic taxes/VAT incl. zones in checkout)
Enter gross prices (prices including taxes/VAT) in the administration.
The extension will automatically display correct prices on product pages and checkout.

Works with multiple geozones with different tax/VAT rates.

Main features:

  • enter gross prices in OpenCart backend (where you would otherwise input net price)
  • calculates price minus regional taxes on storefront
  • supports multiple geozones for different tax rates
Zone Plus Table Rate Shipping (Total/Qty/Weight)
Supported OpenCart Versions:
All v1.4.x & 1.5.x versions

What does it do:
Zone Plus allows calculate multiple zone shipping based on multiple options: weight, subtotal, and item count.
It supports incremental and decremental ranges, useful for breaks on shipping costs if the customer purchases a large order.
It also offers the ability to filter by parts of the address (postcode, city, address_1, address_2)

It works with ANY location in the world and does a partial match on the filter value to filter as much or as little as needed.
You can even choose whether to include or exclude the filtered values.

Main features:
* Allows setting custom rate(s) for each geo zone.
* Allows triggering costs based on Cart Weight, Cart Subtotal, or Total ItemCount
* Works worldwide.
* No files are overwritten
* Allows incremental or decremental ranges
* Hides when rates are out-of-range instead of showing 0.00
* Advanced filtering by customer street, city, or postcode (See "Advanced Address Filtering" below).

tags: zoneplus, zoneship, zone shipping, zone ship