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Gross Prices (with automatic taxes/VAT incl. zones in checkout)
Enter gross prices (prices including taxes/VAT) in the administration.
The extension will automatically display correct prices on product pages and checkout.

Works with multiple geozones with different tax/VAT rates.

Main features:

  • enter gross prices in OpenCart backend (where you would otherwise input net price)
  • calculates price minus regional taxes on storefront
  • supports multiple geozones for different tax rates
Previous-Next Product
What is Previous-Next Product

Previous-Next Product is a useful tool adding Previous and Next product buttons on your product pages. This allows your customers to intuitively navigate among your products.

Why is different?

Not only provides a simple link, but offers the product image in a elegant way.

✔ VQMOD Required
✔ Tested in OpenCart 1.5.6.*, 1.5.5.*, 1.5.4.*, 1.5.3.*, 1.5.2.*

Demo : Previous-Next Product
Popup Info module
Popup is a great tool to show important content to customers in priority.

It provides you a guarantee that customer has seen what you wanted to show them first.

The content shown will be of your choice, which you think will get more sales and also look Attractive at same time.

- Play notification sound when showing the message
- Custom message
- Product promotion
- Choose to show one time or everytime your visitor visite the page

Demo : Click me
Admin: Click me

Username: demo
Password: demo
Pixel Landingpage for Home Page
What is a Landing Page?
In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a "lead capture page" or a "lander".

What is Pixel Landingpage for Home Page ?

The perfect module for your shop.

-You can choose parallax background or video baground(youtube video)
-Unlimited slides
-Visitor can disable the landingpage
-Activate/ Dezactivate module
Demo Default Theme : Click me

Admin: Click me

Username: demo
Password: demo
Admin Panel Quick Notification (vQmod)
Notifications in Admin Panel

A notification section which can notify the admin the of new customer registered,new comments,new order on Admin Panel.

New Customer - Show total of registered customer every day
Pending Customer - Show total of customer that waiting approval
New Order - Show total of new order every day
Customer Online - Show total of online customer
Pending Order - Show total of order that pending for process.
Pending Review - Show total of review that waiting approve.
Pending Affiliate - Show total of affiliate that waiting approve.
Return - Show total of product return every day
Out of stock - Show total of stockout

Username: demo
Password: demo
Google Rich Snippets
Rich Snippets are a way to provide Google detailed product information in a structured way so that in search results it can display rich snippets (for example, price, availability, and review ratings)


Rich snippets help you to:

  • Attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google.
  • Submit your product listings for free.
  • Control your product information. You can maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find the relevant, current items they're looking for.

One issue with OpenCart's default aggregate rating is that it truncates the fraction instead of rounding it off. So if your aggregate rating is 4.9 (i.e. anything less than perfect 5 but more than 4), then OpenCart shows rating as 4 and 4 stars. This is not good or fair as your customers might think that average rating is lower than it is. But it's even worse if you are using Rich Snippets because then this lower than real rating shows on Google results page.

So, an additional task that this extension performs from v 1.8 onwards is that it fixes the ratings. With this extension, your shop shows stars based on rounded off average rating, and Google is provided accurate average rating, which seems more realistic to Google and will help your Rich Snippet show up more quickly in results, and not be snippet-spam flagged.

Tooltips are also added to rating stars.

Because this is a vQmod, no core files are touched, and the changes should carry over to the next version.

Documentation and Support

I hope you enjoy this free extension. Please
Nivo Slider Delux
This extension will greatly enhance the functionality of your Banners and the Slideshow Module (Nivo Slider) which comes standard in the default OpenCart installation.

  • Add HTML formatted text captions for each slide in a banner
  • Set sort order for each slide in a banner
  • Easily adjust any and all settings for Nivo Slider as explained HERE, such as Animation Speed, Pause Time, Caption Opacity, Effects, etc.
  • Add Custom CSS for each slideshow from within the admin panel, giving you ability to control the appearance and position of text & images, or define custom classes for use in caption text.
  • "Save & Continue" button for Both Slideshow module and Banner editing.
Options Modify Product Dimensions
This is a vQmod which allows you to use product options to modify it's dimensions, just as you would with price, points or weight. You can modify the dimensions based on addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), or equal to (=).

You will find this a useful companion to any shipping modules which use product dimensions to get rate quotes, such as Qphoria's UPS Deluxe addon.

You must install vQmod 2.2 or higher for this to work. You can get the latest release here:

Just drop the file "options-modify-dimensions.xml" in your vQmod xml directory and you're ready to go!

After it's installed, the first time you edit a product 4 additional fields will be added to the "product_option_value" table. No Core files will be changed.

To use, open a product for editing in the admin panel and click the options tab. Here you can enter numeric values for altering product dimensions length, width & height in the cart using +, -, * or = modifiers.

As a safety precaution, always backup your database & installation directory before installing new software.

To uninstall simply trash the xml file. If you wish you can remove extra fields which were added to your database table product_option_value: dimension_prefix, length, width & height.

v1.3 - Oct 28, 2013:
Added support for OpenCart versions 1.5.4, & 1.5.6

v1.2 - Oct 10, 2013:
Updated to work with earlier versions of vQmod which do not support multiple filename declarations for a single operation (v2.2 and earlier)

v1.1 - Oct 9, 2013:
Fixed bug which prevented writing to databases with certain prefix

v1.0 - Oct 7, 2013:
Original Release
ocOptions Images V1.4
With this mod you could create different images for each option value you have, is perfect for products that have different colour option. Also when you click on add to cart the option image will be instead of product image. So if you buy a white T-shirt the customer will see the white T-shirt image for that option.

Installation guide and video:
Attribute Helper V1.5.1
Attribute helper will help you to fill the attribute values for each product. Each time you change/insert a product attribute, the system will show you a select with all values stored on the database, so you can write a new value, or select it from the database.

Also, it will help you to fill all the attributes via an attributes group select when you create a new product. Attribute Helper Works.pdf
BNR currency exchange rate
- This vqmod will only update your store RON currency using the BNR currency exchange feed.
Update store currency from BNR (National Bank of Romania)

1) You must have your store's default currency set to one of the following: USD / EUR / GBP.
2) You must have the RON currency added to your store.
3) It will take your default currency(ex: EUR) and update the RON curency of your store to the value from BNR.
4) You also might need this vqmod to display your frontend currency in RON
- This is useful when you receive your product feeds in a different currency than the one you want to sell in your store(you get USD, EUR or GBP and you want to sell in RON).
- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work, feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Vehicle YMM
This is a vehicle year/make/model filter solution for opencart 1.5.1 and newer.

Added version 2.7 with compatibility. If you do not need the compatibility you would probably be better off sticking with the old version for now. I have tested the new version, but it's a large change to make it work with the new version and many places for bugs to creep in. I have not yet updated the multi-store version, but I will get to it soon.
** note that v27+ requres version 2.3.0 (the latest version) of vqmod. **
** note if you get a cannot redeclare error after installing clear your vqmod cache **

Added a multi-store version so that makes and models are limited to ones that are associated with products that are assigned to the current store. Only use this version if you need it as it will have some performance implications, though I hope they are minimal.

This mod allows you to add unlimted year make and model combinations to your products.

Unlike other year make model mods this is not a search mod. It is a filter mod. Once the customer selects a year make and model the entire site gets filtered by only the applicable products and categories. You can browse anywhere in the site and everything will be filtered.


  • Unlimited year make model per product
  • Not a search mod any browsing or searching done on the site once filter is set will be limited to applicable products.
  • Filters products, categories, bestsellers, specials, featured, latest products
  • Option to remember vehicle which sets a cookie so that the user does not have to select vehicle every time they visit your site.
  • Set products as universal so they show up no matter what filter is selected.
  • Adds a tab with a list of vehicles the product fits when applicable.
  • Utilizes vqmod for upload and use install
  • Includes import export script for easy adding of year make models to products.
  • Filter by make only or make/model only etc.
  • Choose where to go once filter is applied (home / search / reload current page)


  • bug fix for slow queries when you have lots of filters.

  • change so that home and search redirects should work with multi-store.

  • Fixed category recursion problem
  • Added 1.5.2 compatibility
  • Changed import to turn off universal on imported products
  • Updated stylesheet so it will go horizontal if placed in one of the center positions.

  • Fixed small bug in admin where you couldn't edit engines

  • Added ability to import using alternate unique identifiers
  • Added ability to import new data without deleting old data so you no longer have to import all data every time.

  • Rewrote vqmod search code to better avoid conflicts
  • Added compatibility
  • Tweek styling for horizontal layout for when module used in center column.

  • Fixed bug where search action was wrong with older versions of opencart.
  • Changed vqmod template search to use wildcard so it should work with most third party templates without changes.

  • Move the destination selection into the modules so that you can have different destinations depending on route.

  • Added loading indicator during ajax calls
  • Years are now filtered by engine if you have both enabled.

  • Fixed bug where export did not 0 fill fields if engine was turned off.
  • Changed the clear option on import to actually clear all tables so it starts clean.
  • Added ability to export using alternate identifiers.

  • Fixed a bug in the new engines filter years code.

  • Fixed bug on non existent product pages.
  • Refactored category filter. Should be much faster on stores with lots of products in a deep category structure.

  • Fixed a bug introduced with the category refactoring
  • Added ability to sort years high to low or low to high.

  • Fixed a bug where you could submit without selecting a make.
  • Fixed a bug with alternate language support.

  • Fixed categories with only universal products
  • Added product status check to category query

  • Added option to not show universal products in search results

  • Fixed bug if none of the products in a filter were assigned to any categories.

  • Added sanity checks to the make/model/engine editor to not allow deleting if in use by products.