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Charity Chooser (School, Foundation, etc)
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
This module uses the affiliate system as a charity choosing module.
When customers get to your store, they will be able to choose a charity to give a portion of the sale to.
Add new charities as new affiliates and set the "Is Charity" flag to "Yes".
After choosing, the module auto hides itself.
You can also link a charity id directly using the "tracking" parameter in the url, it will not ask.
Not only for charities, lots of other great uses too. Any situation where you want to offer the ability to assign a portion of the order to go to a charity, school, foundation, etc

This isn't a donation module. The customer doesn't add additional money for this.
This is for stores that would like a commission of each sale to be sent to any charity of the customer's choosing.
This uses the affiliate system like a charity, but you can still have both. Only affiliate records marked with the "Is Charity" flag will be used as charities.
This can also be used in an situation where you would like the customer to choose where a sale commission goes
Great for choose a referral or specific employee

You'll need to have the latest version of vQmod engine installed from
Be sure you grab the "opencart" version and not the "standalone"

Main features:
* Unlimited module creation
* Completely Standalone. No core file edits
* Sideboxes can be placed anywhere (left, right, top, bottom)
* Sideboxes can be placed on any layout
* Sideboxes use the module system and can be enabled/disabled individually
* Sideboxes can have their own title configured from the admin with multilingual support
* Autohides once a choice is made
* Automatic page reload upon selection
* Multistore support
* [NEW] Simultaneously supports normal affiliates AND charities

How to install it:
1) Unzip and upload the contents to the root directory of your OpenCart installation, preserving directory structure
-- No files are overwritten.
2) From the admin menu, go to 'Admin->Users->User Groups'. Edit Top Administrator.
3) Find and check the entries for any unchecked files in both modify and access. save.
4) From the admin menu, go to 'Extensions->Module'.
5) Install the module, and click edit to configure.
TrendingProducts - Display Product Purchasing Trends
Why choose iSenseLabs OpenCart Premium solutions?

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What is TrendingProducts?

TrendingProducts extension increases your store conversion by exposing the most purchased products to more potential buyers. The marketing principle is that your most purchased products are likely to interest most of your visitors as well.


✯ Set a timeframe for trending products. It could be a day, week, month or all time
✯ Live statistics of most purchased products
✯ Position Trending products on any page
✯ Set a number of Trending products
✯ Adjust Trending Products size
✯ Custom Store front widget
✯ Crisp and clean implementation, no core files overwritten


Store Front DEMO
Admin Panel DEMO

Unparalleled Support

Open a Support Ticket

From specialized community forum to private home-build ticket support system. iSenseLabs is a highly personalized, reliable, 48-hour guaranteed reply time (except holidays and weekends, which might take longer). We have got your back.

FAQ and Licensing

You can find more information about module Licensing, Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop and FAQ in the Documentation Tab

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Product Image Option DropDown
Make your product page much neater, nicer, more eye-catching to your customers with Product Image Option DropDown mod.

A picture worths a thousand words and this mod improves OpenCart Image option beautifully, replaces the default layout with a fancier dropdown PLUS image previewing effect.

This mod enhances your OpenCart store with the ability to:
- Display product options in a prettier, more organizing and attractive layout.

★ OpenCart - 3.x
★ AceShop, MijoShop
★ Product Color Option, Produc tImage Color sWapping, Multiple Option Quantities
★ Option Price Update Redux, Live update product price, Option Boost
★ Shoppica 1/2, R.Gen, Universal, Fortuna... themes

Compatible with most other themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost
Just drop an email to for any questions or supports.

Admin (demo/demo)

How to use
1- Go to Admin/Catalog/Options/Insert
2- Enter Image Option (or any name you wish) as Option Name
3- Select Image as Type
4- Click on Add Option Value
5- Enter name and use the provided Image Uploader to upload image for each option
7- Repeat step 4-6 to add more option choices

-Image options can just be set to a product as other options.

Please use comment area for questions, features request and feedback only
For support please send emails to [COLOR=#0070c0][/COLOR] for faster response
Product Color Option
Want to have various Color Options per product for your customers to select from?
Here's what you need: Product Color Option extension.

This extension enhances your OpenCart store with the ability to:
- Create color option with multi color choices
- Set multiple color options to each product
- View color options in both product detail and category page
- Add any color that you can think of with the built-in Color Picker, and instantly see how it will look like on the front-end site

Admin (demo/demo)

- OpenCart 3
- OpenCart 2
- OpenCart 1.5.0-1.5.6, AceShop, MijoShop 2
- Product Options Bulk Update, Option Boost
- Product Image Color sWapping,
- OpenCart Mobile Framework - get a true mobile version of your store
- Shoppica, Sellegance, Granule, MultiCart, Benetton, Elantra, Shoppiza ... themes

Compatible with most other themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost

Add-ons: this can be used together with
- Product Image Color sWapping

- Product Option Image - swap product image when a color is selected

- Product Options Bulk Update - add the same set of colors to multiple products in one go

For questions, supports, feature requests, suggestions, please send email to
ocOptions Images V1.4
With this mod you could create different images for each option value you have, is perfect for products that have different colour option. Also when you click on add to cart the option image will be instead of product image. So if you buy a white T-shirt the customer will see the white T-shirt image for that option.

Installation guide and video:
Default Product Options (1.5.x/2.x)
What does it do:
This contrib adds a new "Default" checkbox for each product option in the product edit area.
It also has the option to use the defaults when adding to cart from the category or module pages.

* You must have the latest vQmod installed first (

Main features:
* Works with Select, Radio, Image, and Checkbox option types
* Checkboxes support more than one default
* vQmod plug n play. No files are overwritten
* Auto-unchecks the default box for other option values on the same option to prevent more than one default.
* Can be left unchecked to work like normal
* Supports multiple options. Each option can have its own default item
* Optional "Add to cart using Default options" from category and module pages (see install steps)

- Does not currently work with Options Boost. Working on adding support for that.
- It will work for Options Price Update Redux, but you have to set the "update on load" value to true in the OPUR xml file.
- Does not work with Multiple Option Qty
- Does not work with Dependent Options.
- Not sure what other mods it may or may not work with.
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