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Live Theme Editor
Zen Live theme edito]
Customize your theme now!

Features/ Caratteristiche/ Eigenschaften:

- Plug and play module, easy to install (Vqmod included, for opencart version 3 just use the installer)
- Create your own theme in just a few clicks.
- Save each theme you have created in a separate file and enable it when you want.
- Customize each single detail of your theme, like colors, code, ecc...
- Choose and install all possible fonts in seconds.
- Live preview of the changes you are doing.
- etc...

- Modulo plug and play, facile da installare (Vqmod incluso, per opencart 3 è sufficiente usare l'installer di opencart).
- Crea il tuo tema in pochi clic.
- Salva ogni tema che hai creato in un file separato per attivarlo quando vuoi.
- Personalizza ogni singolo dettaglio del tuo tema, come i colori, codice, ecc ...
- Scegli ed installa tutti i possibili caratteri in pochi secondi.
- Anteprima dal vivo dei cambiamenti stai effettuando
- ecc...

- Plug und Play Modul, einfach zu installieren (vqmod schon integriert, für Opencart 3 reicht es aus den Opencartinstaller zu benutzen).
- Erstellen Dein eigenes Thema in nur wenigen Klicks.
- Speichere jedes Thema das du erstellt hast in einer separaten Datei und aktiviere es wann du willst.
- Passe jedes einzelne Detail Deines Themas an, wie Farben, Code, ecc ...
- Wählen und installiere alle mögliche Schriftarten in nur wenigen Sekunden.
- Live-Vorschau aller Änderungen, die du vornimmst.
- ecc...

For any other infos and help please contact us here.
Per ogni altra informazione ed aiuto potete contattarci qui.
Für jede weitere Information und Hilfe können Sie uns hier kontaktieren.
Multilingual Reviews
Enables multilingual reviews.
Only shows product reviews in current shop language; new ones are added depending upon the customer's current language.

Also adds admin module for switching assigned review language.

Main features:

  • reviews linked to current storefront language
  • ratings and review count linked to current storefront language
  • ratings can be changed to different language in the admin section

CodeManager - Web-based IDE framework for OpenCart
Why choose iSenseLabs OpenCart Premium solutions?

What is CodeManager?

CodeManager is the easiest way for OpenCart store owners and developers to work shoulder-to-shoulder. No more FTP access, server problems, port issues. CodeManager allows you to give access to developers directly from your OpenCart admin. It has so many awesome features, even Chuck Norris would become envious.

No more wait and painful uploading of pictures one-by-one. CodeManager features also a super simple drag-and-drop way to upload thousands of pictures to your server.


✯ Web-based IDE framework
✯ Grant user permissions
✯ Create, edit and delete files
✯ Upload and download files
✯ Duplicate files
✯ Change permissions of files
✯ Super simple upload of pictures
✯ Preview pictures
✯ Pictures can be opened in full screen
✯ Search in files & folders
✯ Editor screen splitting
✯ Color themes for the file editor


Front end demo
Cool admin Panel Codemanager DEMO

Unparalleled Support

This is a free extension and comes with community support only. You can get community support by accessing our community OpenCart forum available here: iSenseLabs Forum

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Reward Promotions - Advanced Reward System

✔ Join more than 5000 Happy Opencart Store Owners enjoying the extensions designed and developed by Opencart Partner.
Everything you need to run a Reward based Promotions on your Opencart web store. Attract customer and increase their Loyalty!!

Main Features (Reward Promotions)
✯ Signup/Register and get Rewards
✯ Purchase any Products and get Rewards
✯ Purchase selected Products and get Rewards
✯ Review any Products and get Rewards
✯ Review selected Products and get Rewards
✯ Any type of combination using below options.

Reward Promotion Customization Options
✔ Reward Type Percentage/Fixed Points
✔ Starting Date - End Date
✔ Uses per Sale
✔ Uses per Customer
✔ Supports Multi-Store
✔ Customer Group
✔ Currency
✔ Language
✔ Recurring/Days
✔ Select All And Unselect All for Selection Products

Reward Promotion Module (FREE)
✔ To display promotional products anywhere in your store with reward details.
✔ Option to display selected Reward Promotion.

More Details
Visit Reward Promotion Extension

Released Version Reward Promotion 1.0.1 New!

Notice: This extension adds new tables to your database. This extension required VQMod installed.

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Additional Services
Opencart Development
Opencart Designing
Opencart Customization
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Review Manager Advanced Reviews
✔ Join more than 5000 Happy Opencart Store Owners enjoying the extensions designed and developed by Opencart Partner.
Everything to offer a custom and different reviews based on your requirements. Enhancing reviews to its next level by introducing Review Manager extension which will extend your customer satisfaction. You can create structure of your review, add own questions, rating options, customize that structure for your required products, categories, manufacturers and mix-match.

Main Features (Review Manager)
✯ Custom Reviews with Advanced Options
✯ Product/Category/Manufacturer wise different Reviews
✯ Review Invitations & Notifications
✯ Review Rich Snippets for SEO
✯ Review Like/Dislike
✯ Review Comments
✯ Review Restrictions
✯ Review Notification
✯ Review Reports/History

Additional Features:
- Supports Multi-stores
- Supports Multi-languages
- Product/Category/Manufacturer wise different Reviews
- Review Invitations & Notifications
- Review Reports
- Custom Reviews with Advanced Options

Review Manager Versions:
This extension is available for Opencart Version 1.5.6,, 1.5.5,, 1.5.4,, 1.5.3

Review Manager 1.0 (12/03/2013)
- Initial Release.

You will find install.txt file for all details about installation. Its easy to install, its VQMod version so no need to change any core files of opencart.
Important: This extension required VQMod installed!

Notice: This extension adds new tables to your database.
If you have specific requirements than please test our demo before purchasing this extension.

$50.00 $25.00
Google Rich Snippets
Rich Snippets are a way to provide Google detailed product information in a structured way so that in search results it can display rich snippets (for example, price, availability, and review ratings)


Rich snippets help you to:

  • Attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google.
  • Submit your product listings for free.
  • Control your product information. You can maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find the relevant, current items they're looking for.

One issue with OpenCart's default aggregate rating is that it truncates the fraction instead of rounding it off. So if your aggregate rating is 4.9 (i.e. anything less than perfect 5 but more than 4), then OpenCart shows rating as 4 and 4 stars. This is not good or fair as your customers might think that average rating is lower than it is. But it's even worse if you are using Rich Snippets because then this lower than real rating shows on Google results page.

So, an additional task that this extension performs from v 1.8 onwards is that it fixes the ratings. With this extension, your shop shows stars based on rounded off average rating, and Google is provided accurate average rating, which seems more realistic to Google and will help your Rich Snippet show up more quickly in results, and not be snippet-spam flagged.

Tooltips are also added to rating stars.

Because this is a vQmod, no core files are touched, and the changes should carry over to the next version.

Documentation and Support

I hope you enjoy this free extension. Please
Product Image Option DropDown
Make your product page much neater, nicer, more eye-catching to your customers with Product Image Option DropDown mod.

A picture worths a thousand words and this mod improves OpenCart Image option beautifully, replaces the default layout with a fancier dropdown PLUS image previewing effect.

This mod enhances your OpenCart store with the ability to:
- Display product options in a prettier, more organizing and attractive layout.

★ OpenCart 2
★ OpenCart
★ AceShop, MijoShop
★ Product Color Option, Produc tImage Color sWapping, Multiple Option Quantities
★ Option Price Update Redux, Live update product price, Option Boost
★ Shoppica 1/2, R.Gen, Universal, Fortuna... themes

Compatible with most other themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost
Just drop an email to for any questions or supports.

Admin (demo/demo)

How to use
1- Go to Admin/Catalog/Options/Insert
2- Enter Image Option (or any name you wish) as Option Name
3- Select Image as Type
4- Click on Add Option Value
5- Enter name and use the provided Image Uploader to upload image for each option
7- Repeat step 4-6 to add more option choices

-Image options can just be set to a product as other options.

Please use comment area for questions, features request and feedback only
For support please send emails to [COLOR=#0070c0][/COLOR] for faster response
ocOptions Images V1.4
With this mod you could create different images for each option value you have, is perfect for products that have different colour option. Also when you click on add to cart the option image will be instead of product image. So if you buy a white T-shirt the customer will see the white T-shirt image for that option.

Installation guide and video:
Product Reviews on Category page
- This vqmod will add a list with all the products' reviews on the category page.
- It will be displayed at the bottom of the products list.
- It shows the product name and the review for it.

- This will help you if you want to show reviews on the category page, so the client will know that this is a popular category and that people have bought from it.
- Client will not have to check each product for reviews, they will just know it when visiting the category page.

- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work feel free to contact me by e-mail.