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FedEx LTL Freight Live Rates (1.5.x/2.x)
==[ Supported ]==

==[ Description ]==
This contrib adds the ability to get live rates from FedEx LTL (Less Than a Truckload) during checkout.
This gives the customer the option to choose their freight shipping type using live rates from
This only uses the LTL API lookup so it will only return LTL Freight rates.

If you need normal FedEx Ground/Home Delivery and Express Package rates, I offer my famous FedEx WSDL extension here: FedEx Global Live Rates

==[ Features ]==
* Uses Latest Fedex LTL API
* Supports Soap and nusoap
* Rates are always up to date and live from
* You choose which rates you want to offer
* Currently support FedEx LTL US and Canada
* Option to Choose the Freight Class
* Option to Display Transit Times
* Option to Display Weight
* Optional insurance
* Support for List or Discounted rates
* Option to add an additional fee to all rates
* Supports Geo Zone based enable/disable
* Supports Tax class
* Error message support
* Debug Logging to troubleshoot any potential messaging problems
Min / Max Order Limits (1.5.x/2.x.x)
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
This contrib adds multiple limit verification checks during the checkout step.
Allows multiple MIN and MAX limits.
If any of the limit checks are not met or exceed, a warning is shown on the cart page
The customer cannot continue until the min/max rules are met.
Checks can be enabled at a "per customer group" level and can trigger based on total, qty, or weight

Main features:
* Verify Cart Total (or Subtotal) meets the Minimum Required Total
* Verify Cart Total (or Subtotal) does not exceed the Maximum Allowed Total
* Verify Cart Item Count meets the Minimum Required Item Count
* Verify Cart Item Count does not exceed the Maximum Allowed Item Count
* Verify Cart Weight meets the Minimum Required Weight
* Verify Cart Weight does not exceed the Maximum Allowed Weight
* Customized informative error message based on the error scenario
* Warning message on checkout/cart page prevents checkout and alerts customer of resolution
* Individual Settings per Customer Group
* Works with Mijoshop
* Works with most themes out of the box and can be altered to add support for new ones
* Works with most checkout systems and can be altered to add support for new ones