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Professional Slideshow for Opencart 2 and Opencart 3
Zenslider - Customize your Slideshow now!


Features/ Caratteristiche/ Eigenschaften:
- Customizing colors & opacity
- Set your prefered position for the description
- Customizing speed
- Customizing navigators (show them or not)
- Customizing title and description (show them or not)
- Insert HTML code in the description (Links, paragraphs,ecc.)
- German language included
- etc...

- Personalizzazione dei colori e dell'opacità
- Scegli la tua posizione preferita per la descrizione
- Personalizzazione della velocità
- Personalizzazione delle frecce (mostrali oppure no)
- Personalizzazione della descrizione e del titolo (mostrali oppure no)
- Inserisci codice HTML nella descrizione (Link, paragrafi,ecc.)
- Lingua tedesca inclusa
- ecc...

- Jetzt auch in deutscher Sprache

For other infos please contact us here.
Per altre informazioni potete contattarci qui.
Für weitere informationen können Sie uns hier kontaktieren.

Quick Login and recover password with ajax - switching form (2 in 1)
Quick Login and recover password with ajax - switching form (2 in 1)

Live Demo HERE
EN: Click on any login or forgotten password link in the header or footer area.
IT: Clicca su un qualsiasi login o recupera-password link nel footer o header.
DE: Klicke auf jeden beliebigen Anmeldelink oder "Passwort wiederherstellen"-link den du im Header- oder Footerbereich findest.

Features /Proprietà/ Eigenschaften:

- Responsive style
- no core files are modified, plug and play plugin (vqmod included, for opencart 3 no vqmod required)
- Quick ajax calls for login and recover password (the site will not be reloaded)
- According to your wishes, the colors are customizable in the admin area, so it adaptes easily to ALL Themes
- Switching on/off button to disable the form in the admin area

- Chiamata Ajax per il login e il recupero della password (la pagina non viene ricaricata).
- Colori del modulo pienamente personalizzabili, a secondo delle necessità e desideri.
- Abilita/ disabilita il modulo con un comodo bottone nell'area amministrativa.
- File di lingua in italiano compreso.

- Ajaxaufruf für die Passwortwiedererstellung und um sich einzuloggen.
- Nach deinen Wünschen und Notwendigkeiten sind alle Farben im Administratorenbereich einstellbar .
- On/Off Knopf um das Modul ein- und auszuschalten.
- Das Modul ist u.a. auch in deutscher Sprache.

- In the package are included the instructions in English and Italian language.
- Im Zippaket ist eine Schritt-für-Schritt Installationsanleitung dabei.
- Nel pacchetto di installazione è inclusa l'istruzione per l'istallazione.

Additional customization services:

- If you have a custom theme with different login link positions than in the default theme, contact us; we will provide help for FREE and make the necessary link-modifications.
- Qualora dovessi avere un tema personalizzato dove le posizioni dei login-link, si trovano in posizioni diverse di quelle di default, ci pensiamo noi alla necessaria modifica del file .xml!

For other infos please contact us here.
Per altre informazioni potete contattarci qui.
Für weitere informationen können Sie uns hier kontaktieren.
Popup Info module
Popup is a great tool to show important content to customers in priority.

It provides you a guarantee that customer has seen what you wanted to show them first.

The content shown will be of your choice, which you think will get more sales and also look Attractive at same time.

- Play notification sound when showing the message
- Custom message
- Product promotion
- Choose to show one time or everytime your visitor visite the page

Demo : Click me
Admin: Click me

Username: demo
Password: demo
Pixel Landingpage for Home Page
What is a Landing Page?
In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a "lead capture page" or a "lander".

What is Pixel Landingpage for Home Page ?

The perfect module for your shop.

-You can choose parallax background or video baground(youtube video)
-Unlimited slides
-Visitor can disable the landingpage
-Activate/ Dezactivate module
Demo Default Theme : Click me

Admin: Click me

Username: demo
Password: demo
TrendingProducts - Display Product Purchasing Trends
Why choose iSenseLabs OpenCart Premium solutions?

5000+ customers across the globe, 7000+ product purchases and more than 13000 downloads. Guaranteed support channel with homebuilt ticket support system and custom designed OpenCart forum. Join the fastest growing community of successful businesses enjoying our end-to-end Premium OpenCart solutions.

What is TrendingProducts?

TrendingProducts extension increases your store conversion by exposing the most purchased products to more potential buyers. The marketing principle is that your most purchased products are likely to interest most of your visitors as well.


✯ Set a timeframe for trending products. It could be a day, week, month or all time
✯ Live statistics of most purchased products
✯ Position Trending products on any page
✯ Set a number of Trending products
✯ Adjust Trending Products size
✯ Custom Store front widget
✯ Crisp and clean implementation, no core files overwritten


Store Front DEMO
Admin Panel DEMO

Unparalleled Support

Open a Support Ticket

From specialized community forum to private home-build ticket support system. iSenseLabs is a highly personalized, reliable, 48-hour guaranteed reply time (except holidays and weekends, which might take longer). We have got your back.

FAQ and Licensing

You can find more information about module Licensing, Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop and FAQ in the Documentation Tab

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Show All Products Catalog Page for OpenCart
Adds link to a new page created automatically for your OpenCart shop that shows all the products. The included VQMod shortcuts allow you to choose 4 different locations for the link that takes you to the Show All Products Catalog Page.

Choose to add a link to the header or footer as well as the categories or information module – use 1, none, your choice! ​


• Automatically Created Product Catalog Page.
• Show All Products in New Product Catalog Page.
• New Files & VQMod – No Core Files Are Modified.
• Upload the Files & Go… it’s that Easy!
• Quick Links Using VQMod Shortcuts.
• Easily Add Link to Site Header Before Wish List.
• Easily Add Link to Site Footer Customer Service Section.
• Easily Add Link to Bottom of the Categories Module.
• Easily Add Link to Top of the Information Module.
• Displays 200 Products Per Page by Default.
• Visitor Can Choose to Show 15, 50, 100, 150 or 200 Products Per Page.
• Pagination Feature if Total Products Exceeds Display Limit.
• Choose Either List or Grid View.
• Product Compare Link.
• Ability to Sort Products By: Default, Name (A-Z), Name (Z-A), Price (Low>High), Price (High>Low), Rating (Highest), Rating (Lowest), Model (A-Z), Model (Z-A). • Add to Cart Button. • Add to Wish List Link.
• Add to Compare Link.


1. Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation. Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.

2. Look for the 4 links displayed in header, footer, categories & information module.

3. Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key & press – do it twice to be sure.

Essentials Starter Pack for OpenCart
OpenCart Essentials Starter Pack was created as a VQmod plug-in for my own shop as there were so many features that are missing on a fresh OpenCart install.

Since MrTech supports OpenCart shops, we test many new installations and these plug-in contains many of the features we find handy to have on any OpenCart shop, not just new ones.


1. Add Favicon to Admin Section.

2. Show Image Name in File Manager.

3. Add Clear Cache button on the Error Log page.

4. Add Clear Cache button on the Admin Dashboard.

5. Add ‘Clear Cache’ to the list of options in the ‘System’ menu.

6. Show Name for Easy Reference When Editing/Adding a Product, Category or Information Page.

7. Display Local Time on the Admin Dashboard Next to Title.

8. Display Local Time on the Error Log Page Next to Title.

9. Show Information Pages in Admin by Sort Order So That Both Front and Back End Look The Same.

10. Display Number of Products in the Overview Section of the Admin Dashboard and the Product Page.

11. Highlight Bar for Each Line/Row in Admin – Figure Out Which Edit Button to Click Faster.

12. Make Select Box Much Taller in Admin for Easier Use.

13. Slideshow Speed Settings.

14. Replace ‘Powered by’ in the Site Footer and the Admin Site Footer As Well.

15. Replace ‘Powered by’ in each Outgoing Email Footer With: (c)StoreName YEAR. All rights reserved.

16. Remove Non Relevant ‘Continue’ Button From All Information Pages.

17. Hide Any Information Page From Showing Up in the Menu by Setting the Sort Order to ‘-1’ (minus one).

18. Change Featured to Featured Spotlight

19. Get More Attention / Rotates Featured Items on Refresh.

20. Personalize user account by displaying: ‘FirstName Account Page’ instead of ‘My Account Page’.

21. Remove breadcrumb & Delete Duplicate Title on Account Page.

22. Convert all HOME links in the header to use pretty / clean SEO URLs.

23. Improve Review Section by Including Product Name for Easy Reference = better SEO.

24. Center Module Display Boxes.

25. Change ‘logged-out’ to any page you want to display after a user logs out.

26. Add name to registration email.

27. Add Space Between Price and Currency Name When Using Multi Currency.


Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation. Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.

Login to Admin, look for Time & Date Displayed on dashboard to confirm plug-in successfully install.

Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key & press – do it twice to be sure
Customer Service Department for OpenCart
Customer Service Department for OpenCart:

Improve customer service in your OpenCart Shop by enhancing the account page. Re-invents the way the account page is organized and displayed when your customer is logged in. Don't cheat them out of the experience by ignoring this crucial part of your site!

A well organized account page is the same as having a customer service department in your OpenCart shop.


• Page Title now shows: Customer Service Dept. for: FirstName.
• NEW Icons Added to Each Link to Allow Finding Features Fast.
• Quick Overview Shows Total Number of Orders with Clickable Link.
• Quick Overview Show Customer's Account Balance (also called transaction) with Clickable Link.
• Quick Overview Shows Customer's Points Balance (also called rewards) with Clickable Link.
• Quick Overview Shows Date Customer Joined – useful for customer appreciation.
• Transaction link removed & replaced with Quick Overview Section (described above).
• Features 2 Rows for Quick & Easy Navigation of the Customer Service Department.
• Top Row Includes Customer Service Account Functions:
Edit, Change Password, Update Address, View Order History, and View Downloads.
• Bottom Row Includes Extra Customer Service Functions: Manage Newsletter Subscription, View Points
(Rewards), View Wish List, View or Create Returns, Purchase Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates).
• Gift Cards (Vouchers) icon & link featured prominently in the customer service department to increase sales.
• Personalized Gift Card Sales – When clicking the link, name and email address will already be filled out.
• Account Module displays Logged in as: FirstName for a more personal shopping experience.
• Account Module no longer shows transaction link (see quick overview section).
• Add Print button on order page which allows a customer to print any order any time.
• Add Customer name to registration email – When you add a name, there's less chance of being marked as spam.


1. Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation.
Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.

2. Login as a customer on your front end and view the customer
account page to confirm plug-in successfully installed.

3. Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key &
press – do it twice to be sure.
Category Extra description field
- This vqmod will add a new description field to your category page. You can add text, banner or just paste any HTML code you want.
- It will be displayed at the bottom of the products list.
- It will add an extra textarea field in admin, when inserting or editing a category.

- This will help you if you want to show a banner or any text at the bottom of the category page.
- You need this is you want to add any text or HTML to the category page, different than the default category description

- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work feel free to contact me by e-mail.
Product Reviews on Category page
- This vqmod will add a list with all the products' reviews on the category page.
- It will be displayed at the bottom of the products list.
- It shows the product name and the review for it.

- This will help you if you want to show reviews on the category page, so the client will know that this is a popular category and that people have bought from it.
- Client will not have to check each product for reviews, they will just know it when visiting the category page.

- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work feel free to contact me by e-mail.
Sort by Manufacturers on Category and Search
DEMO ( might not always run )


- This vqmod will list the products sorted/grouped by Manufacturer/Brand.
- The manufacturers list is sorted alphabetically on each page and product boxes are created.
- The list works with both List/Grid views.


This vqmod will list the products grouped by Manufacturer/Brand.
Listing like this is useful if you have products with the same name or that share the same image/thumbnail.
The customer will not be confused and will be able to see in the page all the products that belong to a certain Manufacturer.
The list works with both List/Grid views.
This vqmod works on the default theme, but I can adapt this to your custom theme.
If you need another custom Open Cart job, feel free to contact me
Uber Checkout



Supported OpenCart Versions:
v1.5.1 and newer

What does it do:
This replaces the normal checkout with a much cleaner and simpler 2 step option and use a more intutive design that customers are sure to love
Page One: Login/Registration combines the login form and registration form for Normal or Guest accounts.
Page Two: Checkout Confirmation combines all the checkout display options in one place and uses ajax to handle all updates
The result is the cleanest checkout experience available. 2 steps is more intuitive and reduces clutter.

- This mod requires the vQmod engine to be installed (
- Because of the way the page updates using ajax, changes to setting will have to update the temp order.
Since OpenCart simply generates a new temp order by default, this can result in many temp orders in the "Abandoned" or "Missing" orders list.
Though not required, You will want to use the "Single Order Temp Id" vQmod to limit excessive temp orders:
This will ensure that the same order id is reused for a single customer instead of generating a new order id each time.

Main features:
* Does not overwrite any core files!
* Uses vQmod for a few simple changes
* Easy to customize template files to move boxes around.
* Follows OpenCart's classes to allow for blending naturally with custom themes
* Choice of "Radio" or "Select" choices for Shipping and Payment (via Admin)
* Admin configuration options for shipping/payment style and update triggers
* Single Address form for Guest/Register with simple password option
* Can Restore to normal checkout by simply disabling from the admin.
* Adds separate shipping checkbox option
* Uses store wide setting for guest checkout to determine if password is required or not.
* Automatically requires account creation if product has a download (as this is an opencart requirement)
* Combines Shipping/Payment/Confirm into one page with ajax updates
* Full compatibility with existing payment extensions. Unlike other checkout systems out there, this will work with all payment extensions dynamically.
* Supports new Customer Group Account choice during registration (v1.5.3 or later)
* Supports new Company ID and Tax ID fields (v1.5.3 or later)
* Supports agree checkbox
* Supports Shoppica2, Sellegance, ShopCart, and more!
Frontpage Categories
This module is designed to go on the homepage. It lists the categories in a box with the category image on the right and a list of subcategories on the left.

V2 adds the ability to select the number of columns from the admin, and the ability to show products if subcategories are not available.