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Text/Textarea Pricing per character

Supported OpenCart Versions:
All 1.5.x versions

What does it do:
This mod adds some new fields for Text and Textarea option types that allow you to add custom pricing by character for text and textareas.
You can set the cost per character and even have different cost breakdowns after a certain number.
You can have multiple text/textarea fields, all with different pricing schemas on the same product.
You can also choose to exclude spaces from the price
The customer will see the price increase as he types based on your pricing breakdown.
You can also set a Max Characte Count for the Text/Textarea boxes and the customer will see the countdown of letters remaining

* You will need to have the latest vQmod engine installed (

Main features:
* Simple vQmod script handles small core edits
* Multiple Text or Textareas per product, each with separate pricing
* Supports multiple flat rate breaks so you can have a single price regardless of char count
* Instant Javascript update of option cost as characters are entered
* Should work with most themes out of the box, otherwise it is simply minor alterations
* Works at the "Option" level so any product that has the option assigned will utilize the same character price calculations.
* Allows setting a Max Length for entry
Product Sales Report in Product Form [OC v1.5.x]
Very useful extension if you want detailed sales report of the particular product in product form (Catalog -> Products -> Edit product -> Product Sales Report tab). Report is divided by product options, by clicking on product name you can view detailed list of customers who bought this product (with product options), purchased quantity, total amount, you can view order date, order number, invoice number and order status. There is possibility filtering by purchased date or statistics range. Added Sold column in product list for quick overview of sold quantity of every product.

Notice to existing users:
Please do not post any code related to the extension or questions related to issues with installation that you may have in the comments area or forum. Read the detailed installation instructions and if you still can't find a resolution please send me an email with full details of issue.
Options Modify Product Dimensions
This is a vQmod which allows you to use product options to modify it's dimensions, just as you would with price, points or weight. You can modify the dimensions based on addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), or equal to (=).

You will find this a useful companion to any shipping modules which use product dimensions to get rate quotes, such as Qphoria's UPS Deluxe addon.

You must install vQmod 2.2 or higher for this to work. You can get the latest release here:

Just drop the file "options-modify-dimensions.xml" in your vQmod xml directory and you're ready to go!

After it's installed, the first time you edit a product 4 additional fields will be added to the "product_option_value" table. No Core files will be changed.

To use, open a product for editing in the admin panel and click the options tab. Here you can enter numeric values for altering product dimensions length, width & height in the cart using +, -, * or = modifiers.

As a safety precaution, always backup your database & installation directory before installing new software.

To uninstall simply trash the xml file. If you wish you can remove extra fields which were added to your database table product_option_value: dimension_prefix, length, width & height.

v1.3 - Oct 28, 2013:
Added support for OpenCart versions 1.5.4, & 1.5.6

v1.2 - Oct 10, 2013:
Updated to work with earlier versions of vQmod which do not support multiple filename declarations for a single operation (v2.2 and earlier)

v1.1 - Oct 9, 2013:
Fixed bug which prevented writing to databases with certain prefix

v1.0 - Oct 7, 2013:
Original Release
Product Series
Linking multiple products into series is now easier than ever.
Here's what you need: Product Series Extension

With this extension, you can now link multiple products into a collection or series.
Customers can see images and links to other products in the same series or collection with the one they are viewing.

Please note that this module is an alternate version of Color Series, only one can be used at a time not both.
You can update from Color Series to Product Series but all existing colors will be lost.

This mod enhances your OpenCart store with the ability to:
★ Create Product Series that link to multiple products.
★ Assign images to items in a series.
★ Products in the same series are displayed in category and product pages.
Whenever viewing any product, users can also see all other products in the same series

Admin (demo/demo)

★ OpenCart 3
★ OpenCart 2
★ OpenCart 1.5.0-1.5.6, MijoShop 2
★ Support OpenCart multi-store. You want Striped products to be visible only on your Women Store, Plain ones - only Men Store, and Colorful ones - on both? Sure you can.
★ Shoppica2 theme, RGen Cupid, Ribbon themes
★ Compatible with most themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost

For suggestions, feature requests, questions and supports, please either leave commetns or send email to
ocOptions Images V1.4
With this mod you could create different images for each option value you have, is perfect for products that have different colour option. Also when you click on add to cart the option image will be instead of product image. So if you buy a white T-shirt the customer will see the white T-shirt image for that option.

Installation guide and video:
Default Product Options (1.5.x/2.x)
What does it do:
This contrib adds a new "Default" checkbox for each product option in the product edit area.
It also has the option to use the defaults when adding to cart from the category or module pages.

* You must have the latest vQmod installed first (

Main features:
* Works with Select, Radio, Image, and Checkbox option types
* Checkboxes support more than one default
* vQmod plug n play. No files are overwritten
* Auto-unchecks the default box for other option values on the same option to prevent more than one default.
* Can be left unchecked to work like normal
* Supports multiple options. Each option can have its own default item
* Optional "Add to cart using Default options" from category and module pages (see install steps)

- Does not currently work with Options Boost. Working on adding support for that.
- It will work for Options Price Update Redux, but you have to set the "update on load" value to true in the OPUR xml file.
- Does not work with Multiple Option Qty
- Does not work with Dependent Options.
- Not sure what other mods it may or may not work with.
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