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Professional Slideshow for Opencart 2 and Opencart 3
Zenslider - Customize your Slideshow now!


Features/ Caratteristiche/ Eigenschaften:
- Customizing colors & opacity
- Set your prefered position for the description
- Customizing speed
- Customizing navigators (show them or not)
- Customizing title and description (show them or not)
- Insert HTML code in the description (Links, paragraphs,ecc.)
- German language included
- etc...

- Personalizzazione dei colori e dell'opacità
- Scegli la tua posizione preferita per la descrizione
- Personalizzazione della velocità
- Personalizzazione delle frecce (mostrali oppure no)
- Personalizzazione della descrizione e del titolo (mostrali oppure no)
- Inserisci codice HTML nella descrizione (Link, paragrafi,ecc.)
- Lingua tedesca inclusa
- ecc...

- Jetzt auch in deutscher Sprache

For other infos please contact us here.
Per altre informazioni potete contattarci qui.
Für weitere informationen können Sie uns hier kontaktieren.

Live Theme Editor
Zen Live theme edito]
Customize your theme now!

Features/ Caratteristiche/ Eigenschaften:

- Plug and play module, easy to install (Vqmod included, for opencart version 3 just use the installer)
- Create your own theme in just a few clicks.
- Save each theme you have created in a separate file and enable it when you want.
- Customize each single detail of your theme, like colors, code, ecc...
- Choose and install all possible fonts in seconds.
- Live preview of the changes you are doing.
- etc...

- Modulo plug and play, facile da installare (Vqmod incluso, per opencart 3 è sufficiente usare l'installer di opencart).
- Crea il tuo tema in pochi clic.
- Salva ogni tema che hai creato in un file separato per attivarlo quando vuoi.
- Personalizza ogni singolo dettaglio del tuo tema, come i colori, codice, ecc ...
- Scegli ed installa tutti i possibili caratteri in pochi secondi.
- Anteprima dal vivo dei cambiamenti stai effettuando
- ecc...

- Plug und Play Modul, einfach zu installieren (vqmod schon integriert, für Opencart 3 reicht es aus den Opencartinstaller zu benutzen).
- Erstellen Dein eigenes Thema in nur wenigen Klicks.
- Speichere jedes Thema das du erstellt hast in einer separaten Datei und aktiviere es wann du willst.
- Passe jedes einzelne Detail Deines Themas an, wie Farben, Code, ecc ...
- Wählen und installiere alle mögliche Schriftarten in nur wenigen Sekunden.
- Live-Vorschau aller Änderungen, die du vornimmst.
- ecc...

For any other infos and help please contact us here.
Per ogni altra informazione ed aiuto potete contattarci qui.
Für jede weitere Information und Hilfe können Sie uns hier kontaktieren.
Zenticket, Helpdesk & Support System
ZenTicket, Helpdesk & Support System

Features/ Caratteristiche:

- Plug and play module, easy to install (vqmod already included for version 2.x, for version 3 just use the OC installer),
- No monthly fees!
- Fast and lightweight.
- Super Simple Interface
- No dependence on any third-party servers.
- Unlimited agents.
- Unlimited departments.
- Unlimited ticket Statuses.
- Customize the colors of the ticket statuses.
- Internal Notes that won't be shown to the customer.
- Transfer Tickets to other departments.
- Transfer Tickets to another agent inside a department.
- Customer will be notified via Email when a reply is sent (can be turned on or off).
- etc...

- Modulo plug and play, facile da installare (vqmod già incluso per OC 2.x, per la versione 3 è sufficiente usare l'installer).
- Nessuna tariffa mensile!
- Veloce e leggero.
- Interfaccia strasemplice
- Nessuna dipendenza da server terzi.
- Illimitati operatori.
- Illimitati reparti.
- Illimitati stati di ticket.
- Personalizzazione dei colori degli stati.
- Note Interne non visibili al cliente.
- Trasferisci i ticket ad un altro reparto.
- Trasferisci i ticket ad un altro operatore nello stesso reparto.
- Il cliente sarà avvisato via email se un ticket è stato risposto (può essere impostato su "on" oppure "off").
- ecc...

For any other infos and help please contact us here.
Per ogni altra informazione ed aiuto potete contattarci qui.
PDF Invoice For Orders : Multiple Features
PDF Invoice Orders allows in generating / sending the PDF Invoice for your orders along with your default html email. The pdf invoice is designed nicely to get the best look for a pdf invoice. It contains all order details that an invoice should have. Extra details can also be added to Invoice. So customers are always satisfied with the invoice. Pdf invoice can also be seen from order list page for each order.


- PDF invoice can be checked on both admin and customer side.
- Admin can see pdf button on sales - order list page.
- Customer can see pdf icon in order history page in my account section.
- PDF invoice is also send in email to customer and admin when order is placed.
- Option to allow PDF to be seen only for certain order status like : Complete, Shipped, Etc.
- PDF invoice also supports special characters like latin, spanish, greek, hungarian, etc.
- Option to add Tax details like VAT / TIN / ABN number in PDF Invoice.
- Option to auto generate invoice number when order is placed.
- Option to show product images in pdf invoice.
- Option to create pdf invoice with store logo and without store logo.
- Option to add extra rows in PDF for better invoice look.
- Option to add custom messages in footer for better invoice look.
- Option to show page number in Invoice for better invoice look.

PDF Settings:

- PDF can be set in portrait or landscape mode.
- Different font style available for pdf invoice.
a) Helvetica
b) Courier
c) Times
- Option to change the text size of pdf.

- Option to change the width and height of PDF Invoice. See different sizes.
a) A4 - 210mm x 297mm
b) A0 - 841mm x 1189mm
c) A1 - 594mm x 841mm
d) A2 - 420mm x 594mm
e) A3 - 297mm x 420mm
f) A5 - 148mm x 210mm
g) LETTER - 216mm x 279mm
h) USLEGAL - 216mm x 356mm

Demo Links:

Username and password: demo

PDF Button is present in top right corner on link below for admin

Tax invoice button for admin

You can check new column TAX INVOICE besides order total column.

Customer Order List Page


Support Email:
Skype: cartbinder

Works with all themes. No core files changed.

Check documentation below for updates about module
$18.00 $17.00
Customized Message Pro - Anywhere Anytime
Custom message pro is an useful extension to display useful messages across store.
Messages can be used for variety of purposes like alerts, warning, information or offer display.
When such messages are displayed customer stays on your site for longer duration time, which decreases your bounce rate and improves ranking.
It helps customers to know about site and easily navigate within your site.

Features List:

- Display custom messages at different locations on your store.
- Messages can set for all the customers, selected customer group based or for a specific customer.
- Messages can also be set only for logged in customers.
- Messages can have date range period. In this period only they will appear.
- Message can also be set for a life time. So they will be shown to customer always.
- Messages also support links. It is useful to take customer to other pages of website.
- Same message can be set at multiple locations at same time.
- Message can be displayed to all users.
- You can have your own background color and text color for a message.
- Each message can have different font size, font weight and font style of display.
- Support custom tags like customer name, email, telephone and order id.
- Option to show or not show close button on message. Some message can never be closed.
- You can add Html, images, icon in messages with rich text editor.
- You can add messages in multiple languages.
- You can set up messages on different stores. It supports multi store.
- No core files are changed.
- It supports multi language.
- Messages are responsive. It is good for SEO.
- Good reviews and good product support lifetime.

How it is useful & Where it can be used ?
Messages are like sign board on a road. It helps you reach the destination.
Let your customers easily navigate to important section of store through messages.
Displaying different coupon codes to users using messages.
Displaying different coupon codes to different customer group. Also helpful in promotions.
Show shipping message across store.
Show new updates to customers or new information link about your store.

Demo links For Opencart Version 2

We have set demo messages across the store for testing.

Message 1

Message 2

Message 3

Message 4

Message 5

Message 6

Demo Link Admin

Username and password : demo

Find custom message pro on page below

Different messages set up in admin

Install custom message pro for your store
Buy Custom Message Pro Now

Latest Update

Customize Message Pro Version : 2.4

- Now supports latest version
- Added tags like customer name, customer email, customer telephone, order id.
- Tags can be added in message and in front end tag value will be used.

Check module update in Documentaion below

Skype: cartbinder

We also developed the extension in opencart 1.5.x
Multi Message Display
FedEx LTL Freight Live Rates (1.5.x/2.x)
==[ Supported ]==

==[ Description ]==
This contrib adds the ability to get live rates from FedEx LTL (Less Than a Truckload) during checkout.
This gives the customer the option to choose their freight shipping type using live rates from
This only uses the LTL API lookup so it will only return LTL Freight rates.

If you need normal FedEx Ground/Home Delivery and Express Package rates, I offer my famous FedEx WSDL extension here: FedEx Global Live Rates

==[ Features ]==
* Uses Latest Fedex LTL API
* Supports Soap and nusoap
* Rates are always up to date and live from
* You choose which rates you want to offer
* Currently support FedEx LTL US and Canada
* Option to Choose the Freight Class
* Option to Display Transit Times
* Option to Display Weight
* Optional insurance
* Support for List or Discounted rates
* Option to add an additional fee to all rates
* Supports Geo Zone based enable/disable
* Supports Tax class
* Error message support
* Debug Logging to troubleshoot any potential messaging problems
Image Compressor (VQMod) - Increase Site Speed

- Upload a jpeg/png from your computer and see how much it is optimised.
- enter catalog/demo and click crush images and watch as the images are compressed.


Opencart Image Compressor also compresses all of the jpegs & pngs that you upload through the image manager in the Opencart admin. You control the level of compression through the admin page.

This reduces file size on the front end and loads sites faster for your users.

The compression is handled by the native GD Graphics library

Once uploads are successful, Image Crusher will display a popup showing the percentage saving of the file size after optimisation.

You have the option to set the level of compression and also the ability to turn it off when it is not needed.

I am always enhancing the module so if you would like a feature just let me know!


Q: Can Image Crusher compress images that are live on my site now?
A: Yes, you enter a folder name and the Module will scan all the images in this directory and all subdirectories for images. It will then compress all of the jpegs & pngs it finds.

Q: Will this work for all image types?
A: This version of Image Crusher is for JPEG’s and PNG's only.

Q: What happens the original file?
A: The original file stays on your computer, untouched.

Q: How does the Image Crusher know how to reduce the file size?
A: The actual compression of the images is carried out by the GD Graphics library. This is part of php and the functions analyse the images and strip out things like comments and meta data. Therefore your image can be reduced in size without lowering quality.

Q: Can I set the compression level
A: Yes, this can be set from 1-10 in the admin

Q: What compression level do you re-commend?
A: Level 7 is a good choice for sharp images that are small in size.

Q: What if I upload another file type?
A: If you upload any other image type it will simply be processed as normal and the Image Crusher will not touch it.

Q: What if the image quality is poor?
A: If you select Level 10 compression your images will still be good as the module applies a threshold in the background to ensure the image quality does not come out too bad.

Gross Prices (with automatic taxes/VAT incl. zones in checkout)
Enter gross prices (prices including taxes/VAT) in the administration.
The extension will automatically display correct prices on product pages and checkout.

Works with multiple geozones with different tax/VAT rates.

Main features:

  • enter gross prices in OpenCart backend (where you would otherwise input net price)
  • calculates price minus regional taxes on storefront
  • supports multiple geozones for different tax rates
Min / Max Order Limits (1.5.x/2.x.x)
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
This contrib adds multiple limit verification checks during the checkout step.
Allows multiple MIN and MAX limits.
If any of the limit checks are not met or exceed, a warning is shown on the cart page
The customer cannot continue until the min/max rules are met.
Checks can be enabled at a "per customer group" level and can trigger based on total, qty, or weight

Main features:
* Verify Cart Total (or Subtotal) meets the Minimum Required Total
* Verify Cart Total (or Subtotal) does not exceed the Maximum Allowed Total
* Verify Cart Item Count meets the Minimum Required Item Count
* Verify Cart Item Count does not exceed the Maximum Allowed Item Count
* Verify Cart Weight meets the Minimum Required Weight
* Verify Cart Weight does not exceed the Maximum Allowed Weight
* Customized informative error message based on the error scenario
* Warning message on checkout/cart page prevents checkout and alerts customer of resolution
* Individual Settings per Customer Group
* Works with Mijoshop
* Works with most themes out of the box and can be altered to add support for new ones
* Works with most checkout systems and can be altered to add support for new ones
Parcel Broker Live Shipping Rates (UK) 1.5.x/2.0.x
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
This contrib adds real-time rates for "" Web Services during checkout.
This allows you to charge customers the correct shipping rate based on their purchase weight and size.

Parcel Broker is an aggregated shipping service that returns rates for multiple shipping companies: UK Post, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and more!
By using ParcelBroker you are effectively consolidating your parcel traffic with thousands of other businesses and individuals just like you.
The parcel traffic is then funnelled through one account with one of the Major courier companies.
This means the actual collection and delivery service you receive will still be exactly the same as if you went direct.
However, the massive buying power created by consolidating your traffic with other ParcelBroker users means we can all share access to heavily discounted rates from the couriers.
In most cases you'll receive a price that is 40-60% cheaper than going direct.

Your host must support php curl (most do)
You must have a web api account

Rate Discrepancies:
The developer of this integration has no control on rates and only pass what is returned from the gateway.
All rates and errors come directly from the gateway.
If you find rate discrepencies, you will need to
1. Enable Debug mode
2. Repeat the checkout shipping lookup
3. Copy the the message log from the Debug tab in the module's configuration
4. Send that to the ParcelBroker Tech Support to analyze.

Main features:
* Customers Get live shipping rates from multiple shipping gateways immediately during checkout.
* Automatically displays the proper quotes based on customer address, cart weight, and cart dimensions* (if using individual package mode)
* Configurable disallowed shipping methods.
* Full message debugging and error message support for easy troubleshooting
* Option to display delivery weight.
* Optional Rate padding/discounting for all rates
* Optional Weight padding/discounting for all rates
Canada Post WebService Live Rates 1.5.x/2.0.x



Supported OpenCart Versions:
All 1.5.x versions

What does it do:
This contrib adds real-time rates for Canada Post Web Services System using the REST method as a shipping option on your store.
During checkout, the cart will get real-time rates directly from The extension has many additional features as well to allow you to choose what you want to see as far as displaying the weight as part of the rate, defining the lettermail rates to be included with the rate lookup results, different dimensional calclations like volumetric or linear, silent rate adjusting, displaying delivery dates, showing/hiding errors.


Your host must support php curl (most do)
You must have a CanadaPost developer account
Sign up for free here:

Main features:
* Uses the brand new (Mar 2012) Canada Post Web Services REST service.
* Since Canada Post doesn't offer their lettermail rates from their server, you can manually specify Lettermail rates to support smaller packages. The customer will be shown the rate that matches their package weight (500g or less and less than 2cm in width)
* Supports Local, USA and Int'l rates.
* Customers Get live shipping rates from Canada Post immediately during checkout.
* Automatically displays the proper quotes based on customer country code.
* Volumetric, Linear, or Static Shipping calculation options.
* Configurable alowed shipping methods.
* Full error message support.
* Customizable service names in language file.
* Option to display delivery weight.
* Option to display delivery dimensions.
* Option to display delivery date (where available).
* Lettermail Table rates available for CA, US, and INT for packages under 500g

Tags: canadapost, canada, canadian, canadien, cadana, canda, candapost, canada-post, canada post, canadapostal,,,, canadian post, canadianpost, postal, shipping, CAD
Hong Kong Post (hkpost) Live Rates 1.5.x/2.x
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
This contrib adds a real-time shipping rate lookup for Honk Kong Post postal service in Hong Kong.
As there is no official API for HKP, this mod ingeniously uses their browser interface in the backend and parses the response back to the cart format.
This lets you get rates as if an actual integration API existed, with absolutely no change in the way opencart shows the rate.

Supports Local and Overseas rates for Small Packet and Parcel rates giving the choice of Air, Surface, Speedpost, Multipack, or Local shipment choices.

* Your server must have curl support for server-to-server communication. Contact your host if unsure.
* You must have "HKD" added as a currency Code (Hong Kong Dollar)

Main features:
* Returns rates for all HKPost services: Smart Post, e-Express, Speedpost, Air, Parcel, Multipack, Local, Packet, etc
* Full quote support. Automatically displays the proper quotes based on customer destination country.
* Allowed services choice
* Error support. If there are quote problems it will display an error.
* Extra cost box to silently add a fee to cover packaging or whatever. Amount is added to the rate before displaying.
* Supports both Local and Overseas destinations
* Supports Small Packet and Parcel package rates
Previous-Next Product
What is Previous-Next Product

Previous-Next Product is a useful tool adding Previous and Next product buttons on your product pages. This allows your customers to intuitively navigate among your products.

Why is different?

Not only provides a simple link, but offers the product image in a elegant way.

✔ VQMOD Required
✔ Tested in OpenCart 1.5.6.*, 1.5.5.*, 1.5.4.*, 1.5.3.*, 1.5.2.*

Demo : Previous-Next Product
Popup Info module
Popup is a great tool to show important content to customers in priority.

It provides you a guarantee that customer has seen what you wanted to show them first.

The content shown will be of your choice, which you think will get more sales and also look Attractive at same time.

- Play notification sound when showing the message
- Custom message
- Product promotion
- Choose to show one time or everytime your visitor visite the page

Demo : Click me
Admin: Click me

Username: demo
Password: demo
Pixel Banner Ads
What is pixel banner ads?
A new way to display banners.
Pixel Banner Ads It's a stand alone module, it doesn't use the pre made opencart banners.

-You can choose from 3 layouts type.
-No Vqmod
-No core modifications

Demo Default Theme : Click me
Demo Bootstrap Theme : Click me

Admin: Click me

Username: demo
Password: demo
Pixel Product Pinterest View
This is a 4-in-one module that displays products in a Pinterest-like format.


1.) Latest products.
2.) Featured products.
3.) Specials.
3.) Bestsellers.

Demo : Pixel Product Pinterest View
Pixel Product Pinterest View for Pixel Store Basic
This is a 4-in-one module that displays products in a Pinterest-like format for Pixel Store Basic Theme.

Pixel Store Basic Theme.: Pixel Store Basic Theme


1.) Latest products.
2.) Featured products.
3.) Specials.
3.) Bestsellers.

Demo : Pixel Product Pinterest View
Pixel Pinterest Latest Product View for Opencart 2.X
Displays Latest products in a Pinterest-like format.

Demo : Click me
Pixel Store Basic - Bootstrap Responsive OpenCart Theme
Pixel Store is an awesome OpenCart theme and framework built with Twitter Bootstrap.

It features stunning, clean and slick design that is suitable for a wide variety of products. It is very easy to install and customize.

- Features a completely responsive design
- Developed for OpenCart v1.5.6+
- Built with Bootstrap v3.2.0
- Looks and behaves great in all modern browsers
- Custom Share, Pin It and Tweet buttons
- Drag and drop installation, no file editing required
-Vqmod modifications

Demo : Pixel Store

Support : Help and Support
Sofort XML Payment Integration (15x/20x)
Supported OpenCart Versions:
1.5.x (and Mijoshop)

What does it do:
This contrib adds support for "Sofort XML" payment integration from
The customer is redirected to the sofort payment page to pay and returned back to the success page after payment.

* You will of course need to have a gateway account.

Main features:
* PA-DSS Compliant. No sensitive data is captured or stored on your store.
* Initial Processing setup is done with ajax instantly on your store
* Debug Mode (logs debug info to your system error log for troubleshooting)
* Full support of error handling and logging.
* Choice of country and payment methods