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Customized Message Pro - Anywhere Anytime
Custom message pro is an useful extension to display useful messages across store.
Messages can be used for variety of purposes like alerts, warning, information or offer display.
When such messages are displayed customer stays on your site for longer duration time, which decreases your bounce rate and improves ranking.
It helps customers to know about site and easily navigate within your site.

Features List:

- Display custom messages at different locations on your store.
- Messages can set for all the customers, selected customer group based or for a specific customer.
- Messages can also be set only for logged in customers.
- Messages can have date range period. In this period only they will appear.
- Message can also be set for a life time. So they will be shown to customer always.
- Messages also support links. It is useful to take customer to other pages of website.
- Same message can be set at multiple locations at same time.
- Message can be displayed to all users.
- You can have your own background color and text color for a message.
- Each message can have different font size, font weight and font style of display.
- Support custom tags like customer name, email, telephone and order id.
- Option to show or not show close button on message. Some message can never be closed.
- You can add Html, images, icon in messages with rich text editor.
- You can add messages in multiple languages.
- You can set up messages on different stores. It supports multi store.
- No core files are changed.
- It supports multi language.
- Messages are responsive. It is good for SEO.
- Good reviews and good product support lifetime.

How it is useful & Where it can be used ?
Messages are like sign board on a road. It helps you reach the destination.
Let your customers easily navigate to important section of store through messages.
Displaying different coupon codes to users using messages.
Displaying different coupon codes to different customer group. Also helpful in promotions.
Show shipping message across store.
Show new updates to customers or new information link about your store.

Demo links For Opencart Version 2

We have set demo messages across the store for testing.

Message 1

Message 2

Message 3

Message 4

Message 5

Message 6

Demo Link Admin

Username and password : demo

Find custom message pro on page below

Different messages set up in admin

Install custom message pro for your store
Buy Custom Message Pro Now

Latest Update

Customize Message Pro Version : 2.4

- Now supports latest version
- Added tags like customer name, customer email, customer telephone, order id.
- Tags can be added in message and in front end tag value will be used.

Check module update in Documentaion below

Skype: cartbinder

We also developed the extension in opencart 1.5.x
Multi Message Display
Gross Prices (with automatic taxes/VAT incl. zones in checkout)
Enter gross prices (prices including taxes/VAT) in the administration.
The extension will automatically display correct prices on product pages and checkout.

Works with multiple geozones with different tax/VAT rates.

Main features:

  • enter gross prices in OpenCart backend (where you would otherwise input net price)
  • calculates price minus regional taxes on storefront
  • supports multiple geozones for different tax rates
Textplode International SMS notifications - Customers and Admins
Textplode has been designed to be simple and easy to use, and we've now applied the same concept to this OpenCart module.

Our extension is completely free to download and integrates SMS features into your OpenCart store. You can create custom templates that you're able to assign to different order statuses so that when you change the status of an order, the customer is sent a text message to notify them.

You can configure this module to send you a text when a new order is placed on your store, or when a new customer registers. You're even be able to merge your OpenCart customers to a group on the Textplode platform and send marketing messages to your customers in one go. There's loads of more features available from within the Textplode platform - to find out more, click here.

This extension uses the Textplode API and you'll need to create an account to use this module. Registration takes seconds, is completely free and you'll receive 10 free credits if you verify your account. You only pay for the messages you send and can purchase credits from within your Textplode account. Any undelivered messages sent to UK phone numbers are refunded.

We use a Tier 1 supplier for our text messaging, so delivery is guaranteed and instant. Beware of companies selling text messages at a lower rate as they will be simply reselling for someone else or using poor routes and your messages will hardly ever reach your customers phones or will arrive hours later.

Key features

  • Send a text message to customers when an order status is changed
  • Send a text message to yourself when a new customer registers
  • Send a text message to yourself when a customer orders
  • Customisable message templates
  • Add merge tags to message templates (Order ID, Order Date, First Name, Last Name, Email Address)
  • Sync your OpenCart customers to a group on Textplode
  • View credit balance from module page
  • Customise the name of the sender
  • Easy installation with VQMOD
  • 10 free credits on signup after verification & no monthly costs (PAYG)

We're an honest, small team of dedicated developers and offer complete support by email or phone. If you have any queries or need a hand installing this module, please feel free to give us a call or email us at
Checkout Logos
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
Adds a fast, compatible way to add logos to your Payment, Shipping, and Order Totals during checkout.
OpenCart doesn't offer an option to use a logo for payments and shipping on the checkout steps.
Some people enter tags into the language files for the title, but this causes issues with the order emails and invoice.
This mod allows you to quickly add logos for your payments, shipping, and order totals for display during checkout.
But it won't conflict with the invoice or order totals db records.
This also uses a method that is both theme and checkout system independent. It should work with all payments and checkouts, even custom ones.

- The latest version of vQmod from

Main features:
* No files are overwritten
* Not theme dependent
* Custom logo sizes for each type
* Supports Standard Checkout and Uber Checkout. Can easily be made to work with other checkout systems.
* Separate images for each payment, shipping, and order total
* If no image is set, it just uses the normal title
* Can be enabled/disabled at once with the status control
* Lets you manage all extension logos from one spot, with a tab for each type
* Uses the Module system on the admin side for easy configuration, and vQmod on the catalog side for worry free modifications.

Note: Logo images are not included
UPS Address Verification (vQmod)
Supported OpenCart Versions:
All v1.5.x versions

What does it do:
Adds a validation check during registration or checkout to validate United States (USA) Addresses using the UPS Address Validation API.
When a user enters his information and clicks the continue button, the address is sent to UPS and validated against the USPS Address Verification.
If the address is a match, it will continue successfully with no alert.
If the address doesn't match, it will return suggestions
If the address is way off, it will report the error reason

* You will need to have the vQmod engine installed (
* A free UPS Developer account to authenticate the use of their API
You can get that here:
You will need your UPS userid, password, and developer access key

Main features:
* Simple vQmod script plug and play
* Works with any US based billing or shipping address
* Works with all registration and guest checkout processes. Anywhere an address is entered.
Uber Checkout



Supported OpenCart Versions:
v1.5.1 and newer

What does it do:
This replaces the normal checkout with a much cleaner and simpler 2 step option and use a more intutive design that customers are sure to love
Page One: Login/Registration combines the login form and registration form for Normal or Guest accounts.
Page Two: Checkout Confirmation combines all the checkout display options in one place and uses ajax to handle all updates
The result is the cleanest checkout experience available. 2 steps is more intuitive and reduces clutter.

- This mod requires the vQmod engine to be installed (
- Because of the way the page updates using ajax, changes to setting will have to update the temp order.
Since OpenCart simply generates a new temp order by default, this can result in many temp orders in the "Abandoned" or "Missing" orders list.
Though not required, You will want to use the "Single Order Temp Id" vQmod to limit excessive temp orders:
This will ensure that the same order id is reused for a single customer instead of generating a new order id each time.

Main features:
* Does not overwrite any core files!
* Uses vQmod for a few simple changes
* Easy to customize template files to move boxes around.
* Follows OpenCart's classes to allow for blending naturally with custom themes
* Choice of "Radio" or "Select" choices for Shipping and Payment (via Admin)
* Admin configuration options for shipping/payment style and update triggers
* Single Address form for Guest/Register with simple password option
* Can Restore to normal checkout by simply disabling from the admin.
* Adds separate shipping checkbox option
* Uses store wide setting for guest checkout to determine if password is required or not.
* Automatically requires account creation if product has a download (as this is an opencart requirement)
* Combines Shipping/Payment/Confirm into one page with ajax updates
* Full compatibility with existing payment extensions. Unlike other checkout systems out there, this will work with all payment extensions dynamically.
* Supports new Customer Group Account choice during registration (v1.5.3 or later)
* Supports new Company ID and Tax ID fields (v1.5.3 or later)
* Supports agree checkbox
* Supports Shoppica2, Sellegance, ShopCart, and more!
Google Analytics Expert - Complete E-commerce Analytics Tracking
Google Analytics Expert - Complete E-commerce Analytics Tracking with Goal & Funnel Reporting.
Also Features Event Tracking, Search Tracking, support for Google Adwords, Multi-Store compatibility & EU Cookie Law compliance. The most comprehensive Google Analytics support on opencart!

✯ Track successful Transactions and E-commerce data.
✯ Full E-commerce & Order tracking - see FULL product information from your site in Google Analytics
✯ Full Product & Product Options Tracking & Reporting including Product Category, Shipping Costs & Taxes
✯ Data for Model/SKU, Product Name, Quantity, Product Price, Category & everything you would want!
✯ Create a 'Purchase' Goal for Full Conversion reporting
✯ Funnel Visualisation so you can see exactly which stage of the checkout the users leave the checkout process
✯ Track Abandoned Funnels and see statistics for each hour, day, week or month.
✯ Track your OWN Site search results in Google Analytics
✯ Track Google AdWords conversions & see the Conversion Value in AdWords for each order
✯ Event Tracking to track clicks of the add to cart, add to compare & add to wishlist buttons/links on all relevant pages*
✯ Full Multistore support with separate GA tracking code for each website with full stats and data for each store.
✯ EU Cookie Law compliance built in to meet the latest EU legislation. (optional)
✯ Google Adwords Remarketing one click integration
✯ Compatible with the new Universal Analytics tracking method

Additional Info:
✔ VQMOD coded, no core files changed
✔ Easy to follow & clear instruction guide
✔ Compatible with the popular Shoppica, Sellegance, Spicylicious, Organica & many other themes 'out of the box'!
✔ Compatible with ANY custom theme*
✔ Also compatible with Uber Checkout, Quick Checkout & ANY other checkout extension*

✔ Compatible with bingo's great checkout solutions (recommended) - One Page Checkout and One Step Checkout

* Some checkout funnel steps will be disabled with a one page checkout extension enabled.
* The Event Tracking features are only available for selected themes. If you aren't using any of the listed themes but want the Event Tracking features, contact me. All other features will be fully functional. The complete list of supported themes is: aquacart, beautyshop, bigshop, bootstrap, clearshop, default, eros, fashopper, fortuna, GALKA, Garmento, geccoshop, herbal, journal, leisure, metro, mi-mi-store, ModernStore, oceanic, omtex mobile theme (included with all main themes), opmex mobile theme (included with all main themes), organica, oxy, pav_bikestore, pav_plaza, pinshop, Sellegance, sellya, shoppica, shoppica2, simple, Spicylicious, SuperWood, theme013, themeglobal, Universum, ustore, vanityshop. In addition to this, the omtex & opmex mobile themes are integrated with every main theme for free.

This extension does everything & much more than all of the other Analytics extensions available on the OpenCart Extension store and has the highest rating and most downloads with fantastic support!!!

This is an essential extension for anyone serious about their website data. Don't settle for anything less!
Get the full analytical knowledge and reports that you need to learn about your visitor behaviour and act upon it to channel sales and increase revenue.

Notice to existing users:
Please do not post any code related to the extension or questions related to issues with installation that you may have in the comments area or forum. Read the FAQs in the detailed installation instructions and if you still can't find a resolution please send me an email with full details of issue.