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Display All Categories Module and All Categories Link In Menu
What is Display All Category Module?

Display all categories module is an opencart extension helps you display all parent categories to your customers.
You can easily display all categories in menu.
You can also display all categories on any page like Home page, Category page, etc.

Customer can easily find any parent category as he can see all categories without issue in menu or home page. Many times customer cannot find the category properly on site and they leave.

With this, you will find increase in sales as customer will easily be able to find the category and hence the product. It will increase your click through rate which is good for SEO.

Extension Current Version : 1.1
Opencart Versions: Support All 1.5.x Versions
Purchase from opencart: Buy Now

Feature Summary

- Show all categories link in menu.
- You can enter your own name in different languages, Ex: All Categories, Full Category list, etc
- Drop down menu to show all parent categories. (See image above)
- Option to show all categories with images on any page. Like Home page, etc
- When customer hover on image, it will get auto zoomed.
- Category box are responsive, It works with all themes of opencart.
- You can also display all categories in button format on any page. (See image above)

Demo link for version 1.5.x

1) You can see all categories link in menu.
2) You can see [b[all categories module on home page[/b] below slideshow. Check link below.

Store Front


- No core files are changed.
- Works with vqmod.
- Works with all themes.
- Money back guarantee.
- Free installation is available.

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Check Extension Updates in Documentaion below.
Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart
Advanced PDF Catalog extension for OpenCart is an intuitive and powerful tool for generating PDF document based on products user has selected. Generated PDF catalog could contain products' images, prices, titles and other metadata loaded from your store. Catalog cover, index and content could be appended by our extension from the given templates.

Advanced PDF Catalog for OpenCart is an easy way to gain bright results quickly. Final PDF appearance depends solely on designer's imagination. We already have included six different templates/layouts by default. You can burn your packaged PDF Catalog to CD, print for further distribution, save it on FTP and provide customers with URL to download it or mail PDF catalog to your customers directly.

- export/generate catalog to PDF for emailing, sharing or printing;
- filter products by criteria (category, brand, stock status, price range, product identifiers etc);
- merge filtered products into one list to export;
- exported pdf design based on predefined template;
- templates are based on html+css what makes template modification really simple;
- template could be selected right before exporting. Different templates are available;
- template could contain cover, index, page numbering;
- ability to store list of products for further regeneration (in case if prices or other attributes will change);
- localization support, UTF-8 support
- vqmod support

Please provide us with your store URL after purchasing extension so we could create license key for you.
You can send sore URL via email: ovologics[at]gmail[dot]com

NOTE: We can create templates according to your needs and using your own design.
NOTE: 1 License = 1 Domain.
Unlimited Split Categories
Supported OpenCart Versions:
v1.5.1+ only


What does it do:
This contrib adds the ability to split your store categories into multiple category sideboxes.
Choose which categories go into which sidebox.
Create unlimited sideboxes with custom titles and multiple styles, all configurable from the admin

Main features:
* Unlimited module creation
* Completely Standalone. No core file edits
* Sideboxes can be placed anywhere (left, right, top, bottom)
* Sideboxes can be placed on any layout
* Sideboxes use the module system and can be enabled/disabled individually
* Mix and Match categories in any way you like
* Show/Hide Category product count
* Expand All categories by default option
* Multiple View Styles: List, Select, or Graphical
* Multistore Support

Similar to the Category Box Clone for v1.4.x
But this one offers unlimited boxes and more powerful than ever.

Tags: multiple category boxes, clone category, split category, multibox, category box clone, category clone, multiple categories, additional category box, more boxes, more category boxes, clone category module, copy category module, split information, split informations
Unlimited Split Information Boxes
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
This contrib adds the ability to split your store information articles into multiple sideboxes.
Choose which articles go into which sidebox.
Create unlimited sideboxes with custom titles, all configurable from the admin

Main features:
* Unlimited module creation
* Completely Standalone. No core file edits
* Sideboxes can be placed anywhere (left, right, top, bottom)
* Sideboxes can be placed on any layout
* Sideboxes use the module system and can be enabled/disabled individually
* Sideboxes can have their own title configured from the admin with multilingual support
* Mix and Match information articles in any way you like
* Custom css class tags per module

Tags: multiple category boxes, multiple information boxes, multiinformation, clone category, multibox, category box clone, information box clone, information module splitter, clone category, split category, multibox, category box clone, category clone, multiple categories, additional category box, more boxes, more category boxes, clone category module, copy category module, split information, split informations
ScheduledPriceChange - Change Price on a Selected Date
Why choose iSenseLabs OpenCart Premium solutions?

5000+ customers across the globe, 7000+ product purchases and more than 13000 downloads. Guaranteed support channel with homebuilt ticket support system and custom designed OpenCart forum. Join the fastest growing community of successful businesses enjoying our end-to-end Premium OpenCart solutions.

What is ScheduledPriceChange?

ScheduledPriceChange is a wonderful way for planning discounts and future promos in your OpenCart store. Inspired by the old SIMS clothing stores this module is a wonderful way for any business that has a rapid turnover of very limited stock or for any of you who would like to plan ahead all of their year's discounted merchandize. ScheduledPriceChange allows also for step-by-step discount (Setting 1 week of 5%, another of 10%, a third of 15% and so on) The store owner can also benefit from "Conditional" settings tweaking further their approach. For more info please check the module out.


✯ Set Price discount duration
✯ User friendly easy to use admin panel
✯ Schedule Products/Categories discount
✯ Current product quantity display
✯ Schedule price decrease or increase
✯ View interactive calculated new price
✯ Set valid from date
✯ Special Conditions (If product is bought more/less than or if quantity is more/less than)
✯ MultiStore compatible
✯ Global Enable/Disable Module
✯ Clean and crisp implementation, no core files overwritten


ScheduledPriceChange Front End DEMO
Admin Panel DEMO

Unparalleled Support

Open a Support Ticket

From specialized community forum to private home-build ticket support system. iSenseLabs is a highly personalized, reliable, 48-hour guaranteed reply time (except holidays and weekends, which might take longer). We have got your back.

FAQ and Licensing

You can find more information about module Licensing, Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop and FAQ in the Documentation Tab

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Show All Products Catalog Page for OpenCart
Adds link to a new page created automatically for your OpenCart shop that shows all the products. The included VQMod shortcuts allow you to choose 4 different locations for the link that takes you to the Show All Products Catalog Page.

Choose to add a link to the header or footer as well as the categories or information module – use 1, none, your choice! ​


• Automatically Created Product Catalog Page.
• Show All Products in New Product Catalog Page.
• New Files & VQMod – No Core Files Are Modified.
• Upload the Files & Go… it’s that Easy!
• Quick Links Using VQMod Shortcuts.
• Easily Add Link to Site Header Before Wish List.
• Easily Add Link to Site Footer Customer Service Section.
• Easily Add Link to Bottom of the Categories Module.
• Easily Add Link to Top of the Information Module.
• Displays 200 Products Per Page by Default.
• Visitor Can Choose to Show 15, 50, 100, 150 or 200 Products Per Page.
• Pagination Feature if Total Products Exceeds Display Limit.
• Choose Either List or Grid View.
• Product Compare Link.
• Ability to Sort Products By: Default, Name (A-Z), Name (Z-A), Price (Low>High), Price (High>Low), Rating (Highest), Rating (Lowest), Model (A-Z), Model (Z-A). • Add to Cart Button. • Add to Wish List Link.
• Add to Compare Link.


1. Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation. Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.

2. Look for the 4 links displayed in header, footer, categories & information module.

3. Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key & press – do it twice to be sure.

Frontpage Categories
This module is designed to go on the homepage. It lists the categories in a box with the category image on the right and a list of subcategories on the left.

V2 adds the ability to select the number of columns from the admin, and the ability to show products if subcategories are not available.
Vehicle YMM
This is a vehicle year/make/model filter solution for opencart 1.5.1 and newer.

Added version 2.7 with compatibility. If you do not need the compatibility you would probably be better off sticking with the old version for now. I have tested the new version, but it's a large change to make it work with the new version and many places for bugs to creep in. I have not yet updated the multi-store version, but I will get to it soon.
** note that v27+ requres version 2.3.0 (the latest version) of vqmod. **
** note if you get a cannot redeclare error after installing clear your vqmod cache **

Added a multi-store version so that makes and models are limited to ones that are associated with products that are assigned to the current store. Only use this version if you need it as it will have some performance implications, though I hope they are minimal.

This mod allows you to add unlimted year make and model combinations to your products.

Unlike other year make model mods this is not a search mod. It is a filter mod. Once the customer selects a year make and model the entire site gets filtered by only the applicable products and categories. You can browse anywhere in the site and everything will be filtered.


  • Unlimited year make model per product
  • Not a search mod any browsing or searching done on the site once filter is set will be limited to applicable products.
  • Filters products, categories, bestsellers, specials, featured, latest products
  • Option to remember vehicle which sets a cookie so that the user does not have to select vehicle every time they visit your site.
  • Set products as universal so they show up no matter what filter is selected.
  • Adds a tab with a list of vehicles the product fits when applicable.
  • Utilizes vqmod for upload and use install
  • Includes import export script for easy adding of year make models to products.
  • Filter by make only or make/model only etc.
  • Choose where to go once filter is applied (home / search / reload current page)


  • bug fix for slow queries when you have lots of filters.

  • change so that home and search redirects should work with multi-store.

  • Fixed category recursion problem
  • Added 1.5.2 compatibility
  • Changed import to turn off universal on imported products
  • Updated stylesheet so it will go horizontal if placed in one of the center positions.

  • Fixed small bug in admin where you couldn't edit engines

  • Added ability to import using alternate unique identifiers
  • Added ability to import new data without deleting old data so you no longer have to import all data every time.

  • Rewrote vqmod search code to better avoid conflicts
  • Added compatibility
  • Tweek styling for horizontal layout for when module used in center column.

  • Fixed bug where search action was wrong with older versions of opencart.
  • Changed vqmod template search to use wildcard so it should work with most third party templates without changes.

  • Move the destination selection into the modules so that you can have different destinations depending on route.

  • Added loading indicator during ajax calls
  • Years are now filtered by engine if you have both enabled.

  • Fixed bug where export did not 0 fill fields if engine was turned off.
  • Changed the clear option on import to actually clear all tables so it starts clean.
  • Added ability to export using alternate identifiers.

  • Fixed a bug in the new engines filter years code.

  • Fixed bug on non existent product pages.
  • Refactored category filter. Should be much faster on stores with lots of products in a deep category structure.

  • Fixed a bug introduced with the category refactoring
  • Added ability to sort years high to low or low to high.

  • Fixed a bug where you could submit without selecting a make.
  • Fixed a bug with alternate language support.

  • Fixed categories with only universal products
  • Added product status check to category query

  • Added option to not show universal products in search results

  • Fixed bug if none of the products in a filter were assigned to any categories.

  • Added sanity checks to the make/model/engine editor to not allow deleting if in use by products.