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House Brand Module for OpenCart
OpenCart has an option that lets you create brands and assign them to your products, but that’s as far as it goes. If you ever ordered a salad in a restaurant, you may have asked what the house dressing is or perhaps your local pub has a house brand on tap as well?

Everyone knows there is always a house brand to be had that can be less expensive most time since it’s also known as a generic or no name brand.

Don’t just resell products, sell your own house brand products!

Promote your own house brand in Open Cart with the House Brand Module.

The House Brand Module works exactly like the Featured Module.
Randomize / Shuffle products on every page load (this method does not make extra calls to the database. It loads many products at once and then shuffles them before being displayed).
Products get centered inside the module for better styling.
Add as many products (set limit) as you wish to have displayed.
Set the width and height of the image.
Add the module to any layout.
Choose the position of the module (Content Top or Bottom and Column Left or Right).
Upload and go — requires no modification to core files or the database.
Compatible with almost any custom theme.
Create an unlimited number of modules all over your site.


Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation. Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.
Admin, Extensions, Modules – Click Install next to House Brand.
Click next to House Brand.
Choose which products will be displayed in your module by using Autocomplete.
Click the button on the bottom right hand side.
Works like other modules on the site such as Featured.
Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key & press – do it twice to be sure..
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Recent Activity - Increase Sales
✔ Join more than 2000 Happy Opencart Store Owners enjoying the extensions designed and developed by Opcrat. Listed as a Opencart Partner.
Recent Activity Module specially designed to increase revenue by providing social proof and building trust. Allow customers to discover products, categories, brands by promoting real time latest impulse of your customers/visitors recent activities.

Is this store legitimate? Do other people actually use this store? What can I do here? What are other people buying? What should I buy? Can I trust this store? These are the types of questions that Recent Activity Module can help to alleviate.

Recent Activities:
✔ Products Viewed
✔ Categories Viewed
✔ Manufacturers/Brands Viewed
✔ Products Added To Cart
✔ Products Compared
✔ Products Added To Wishlist
✔ Products Purchased

Recent Activity Module:
✔ To display recent activities anywhere in your store with recent activity details. It comes with latest features to refresh new activities automatically.

By displaying recent activity, you can help put your customers at ease and guide them to what the normal behavior is at your shop. Customers crave certainty and are more likely to take action if specific information is available. Displaying your other customers activity is an effective means to provide information and remove ambiguity. One of the key factors of Recent Activity, is its ability to respond immediately to customer input. If a customer views a product, it shows in the feed. If a customer purchases a product, it shows in the feed. This feedback mechanism will allow customers to have trust in the activity shown in the feed. With this trust established, questions comes into customers mind are like "Can I trust this store to buy particular product?". If they see others purchasing from your store, they will be more likely to as well. Recent Activity has a natural social type behavior that builds trust.

Store Front Demo
Admin Demo

Free Support
Having trouble installing or using this extension? Contact Opcrat

Easy to Install, no need to change core files of opencart.

Released Latest Version 1.0.1 New!!

Notice: This extension adds new tables to your database.

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Manufacturers on header menu
DEMO(server might be down)


1) This vqmod will add the manufacturers/brands to the header menu(lists with names and links)
2) This currently works with the default theme(with the default theme's tags structure)
3) If you have a custom theme, please paste the code from the read-me.txt file to any area of the header.tpl you need and it will work !
- If you need support, please contact me
- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work feel free to contact me by e-mail.