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Admin File Editor
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
This module allows you to edit and save files from the admin area.
Any code or text files on your site will be editable with the editor.

Main features:
* Dynamic file/folder lookup
* Built-in Code editor with line numbers, tab stops, and syntax highlighting
* All actions are performed instantly using Ajax
* Automatic Archive feature stores full-path backups of all files when you edit them in the new archive folder
* Smart extension detection for all the popular file types (php, html, css, js, txt, tpl, etc)
* Create, Rename, or Delete files
* Create New folders

This is not a full fledged image or file manager.
It is a simple file browser/editor designed to allow you to make quick edits to text-based files from the admin area
For more intense editing and file system changes, you should stick with a proper ftp client.
Admin Panel Quick Notification (vQmod)
Notifications in Admin Panel

A notification section which can notify the admin the of new customer registered,new comments,new order on Admin Panel.

New Customer - Show total of registered customer every day
Pending Customer - Show total of customer that waiting approval
New Order - Show total of new order every day
Customer Online - Show total of online customer
Pending Order - Show total of order that pending for process.
Pending Review - Show total of review that waiting approve.
Pending Affiliate - Show total of affiliate that waiting approve.
Return - Show total of product return every day
Out of stock - Show total of stockout

Username: demo
Password: demo
Paypal Admin Tools 15x/2xx (Admin Refund, Void, Capture)

What does it do:
This module allows you to Refund orders that were paid with paypal standard directly from your admin panel
No more need to login to your paypal account manually.
Simply view the admin order and choose your action and submit it!
You will receive a success or error response with reasons of failure directly from the gateway.
Uses a vQmod script to store required fields from original order in its own db table.

- vQmod 2.5.1 or later is required from

Main features:
* Inline system right on the Order View in the admin
* Single vQmod File
* Supports Capture, Void, Partial, and Full refunds
* Saves Credentials to DB for convenience
* Works with sandbox and live transactions
* Support for the following paypal order methods:
Paypal Standard (core)
Paypal Pro (core)
Paypal Pro UK (core)
Paypal Express (Qphoria)
Paypal Hosted (Qphoria)
Paypal Advanced (Qphoria)
* No files are overwritten
* Not theme dependent
* Works with Aceshop
* Refund Amount field automatically shows/hides based on selected action
* Allows controlling all orders from a single place
* Full Message debug printing for troubleshooting
Payment Method on Admin Order List
Supported OpenCart Versions:
All v1.5.x versions

What does it do:
Shows the Payment method directly on the Admin order list when viewing Sales->Orders
This lets you see and filter by payment method directly from the admin list.

* You will need to have the latest vQmod engine installed (

Main features:
* Simple vQmod script plug and play. No files to edit or overwrite.
* New Payment Method Column
* No language changes
* Can be Filtered by payment method
* Supports Partial filtering by method as well
* No core changes
jqListEdit - Edit in place for Admin lists
Supported OpenCart Versions:
v1.4.7, v1.4.8, v1.4.9, v1.5.x


What does it do:
This contrib adds the ability to edit fields directly on the list pages in the admin section and save changes instantly!
Easily update Quantity, status, names, models, and more easily without having to edit each record individually.
Works on products, categories, orders, customers, and more!

Main features:
* Supports VirtualQMod (
* Created using the OpenCart MVC architecture for easy expansion to new lists
* Uses dynamic update functions where available to limit reuse of code and make it more expandable
* Uses a common include for all lists, keeping edits to a minimum
* All changes made to admin tpls only. No controller file changes
* Editable lists include:
- Categories (Name, Sort Order)
- Products (Name, Model, Quantity, Status)
- Manufacturers (Name, Sort Order)
- Downloads (Name, Remaining Allowed)
- Reviews (Author, Rating, Status)
- Information (Name, Sort Order)
- Orders (Status)
- Customers (firstname, lastname, email, customer group, status, allowed)
- Coupon (Name, Code, Discount, Status)

Tags: Admin list edit, editable, jeditable, quick edit, double click to edit, edit in place, edit-in-place, easy edit, ajax edit,
Remember Admin Tabs
"Remember Admin Tabs" will keep track of your most recently selected tabs in all areas of the OpenCart admin panel. When you go back to edit a product, category, or any other screen with tabs it will remember the last clicked tab and return you to there.

Since product option tabs can vary these are remembered per product.

When used in conjunction with one of the many available extensions which add the "Save & Continue" button to various pages, this will greatly enhance your catalog management experience by allowing you to save your work, see the updated page in your store and resume edits without ever leaving the page and tab you are working in.

Check out: Admin Save and Keep Editing

Change log:
v1.1 - 1/3/2014 - Fixed bug to remember vtabs in order editing and viewing panels
v1.0 - 12/8/2013 - Initial Release
Essentials Starter Pack for OpenCart
OpenCart Essentials Starter Pack was created as a VQmod plug-in for my own shop as there were so many features that are missing on a fresh OpenCart install.

Since MrTech supports OpenCart shops, we test many new installations and these plug-in contains many of the features we find handy to have on any OpenCart shop, not just new ones.


1. Add Favicon to Admin Section.

2. Show Image Name in File Manager.

3. Add Clear Cache button on the Error Log page.

4. Add Clear Cache button on the Admin Dashboard.

5. Add ‘Clear Cache’ to the list of options in the ‘System’ menu.

6. Show Name for Easy Reference When Editing/Adding a Product, Category or Information Page.

7. Display Local Time on the Admin Dashboard Next to Title.

8. Display Local Time on the Error Log Page Next to Title.

9. Show Information Pages in Admin by Sort Order So That Both Front and Back End Look The Same.

10. Display Number of Products in the Overview Section of the Admin Dashboard and the Product Page.

11. Highlight Bar for Each Line/Row in Admin – Figure Out Which Edit Button to Click Faster.

12. Make Select Box Much Taller in Admin for Easier Use.

13. Slideshow Speed Settings.

14. Replace ‘Powered by’ in the Site Footer and the Admin Site Footer As Well.

15. Replace ‘Powered by’ in each Outgoing Email Footer With: (c)StoreName YEAR. All rights reserved.

16. Remove Non Relevant ‘Continue’ Button From All Information Pages.

17. Hide Any Information Page From Showing Up in the Menu by Setting the Sort Order to ‘-1’ (minus one).

18. Change Featured to Featured Spotlight

19. Get More Attention / Rotates Featured Items on Refresh.

20. Personalize user account by displaying: ‘FirstName Account Page’ instead of ‘My Account Page’.

21. Remove breadcrumb & Delete Duplicate Title on Account Page.

22. Convert all HOME links in the header to use pretty / clean SEO URLs.

23. Improve Review Section by Including Product Name for Easy Reference = better SEO.

24. Center Module Display Boxes.

25. Change ‘logged-out’ to any page you want to display after a user logs out.

26. Add name to registration email.

27. Add Space Between Price and Currency Name When Using Multi Currency.


Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation. Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.

Login to Admin, look for Time & Date Displayed on dashboard to confirm plug-in successfully install.

Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key & press – do it twice to be sure
Attribute Helper V1.5.1
Attribute helper will help you to fill the attribute values for each product. Each time you change/insert a product attribute, the system will show you a select with all values stored on the database, so you can write a new value, or select it from the database.

Also, it will help you to fill all the attributes via an attributes group select when you create a new product. Attribute Helper Works.pdf
Category Extra description field
- This vqmod will add a new description field to your category page. You can add text, banner or just paste any HTML code you want.
- It will be displayed at the bottom of the products list.
- It will add an extra textarea field in admin, when inserting or editing a category.

- This will help you if you want to show a banner or any text at the bottom of the category page.
- You need this is you want to add any text or HTML to the category page, different than the default category description

- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work feel free to contact me by e-mail.
New Custom Extra Fields on Registration


You can use this vqmod if you want your customers to enter extra information on your registration/order forms.
It adds the following fields to the address form: 'Bank account','Bank'.
This is just an example, but we can extend this to your own custom needs.
This vqmod will add extra registration fields on your Open Cart store, on all the following address forms, right after the Company Fields(see screenshots):


- Registration page
- Account > Address book entries(on edit page and new page)
- Checkout > Guest
- Checkout > Register
- Checkout > New Payment Address


- New Customer page
- Customer Edit page
- New Order(payment)
- Order Edit page

It also adds language entries, for English and Romana.
If you want to display these fields on your CUSTOM THEME, please contact me and I will adapt this to your needs.
If you want a custom job, if you need OTHER EXTRA FIELDS on your forms, feel free to contact me
$15.00 Admin Tools 15x/2xx (Refund/Void/Capture)
What does it do:
This module allows you to Capture/Void/Refund orders that were paid with directly from the order view in your admin panel

No more need to login to your account manually. Simply view any order that was purchased with and have the options to capture, void, or refund right there from the order view!

Uses a vQmod script to store required fields from original order in its own db table.

- vQmod 2.5.1 or later is required from

Main features:
* Single vQmod script
* Inline right on the order view
* No files are overwritten (vQmod)
* Not theme dependent
* Works with Aceshop/Mijo/etc
* Shows responses from the gateway using Ajax