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OpenCart Admin Improvements

Current Version: v302.2 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 2.0.0.x - 3.0.3.x

This extension adds various improvements to the OpenCart 3 admin panel. The following new features and fixes are included:

  • All Pages: Adds the extension sub-areas to the left-hand Extensions > Extensions menu.

  • All Pages: Allows for filtering by hitting the Enter key, instead of having to manually click the "Filter" button.

  • Catalog > Products: Allows for partial Name and Model matches when searching.

  • Extensions > Extensions: Changes the extension selector on the extension sub-area pages to show all options at once, for quicker navigation.

  • Extensions > Modifications: Adds the ability to edit ocMod files.

  • Extensions > Modifications: Automatically refreshes your ocMod cache whenever a mod is enabled, disabled, deleted, or edited.

  • Extensions > Modifications: Adds a fix for errors sometimes generated when refreshing the ocMod cache on a localhost Mac installation.

  • Sales > Customers: Allows for partial E-mail matches when searching.

  • Sales > Customers: Adds a link for each customer to view their orders, based on the customer name.

  • System > Maintenance > Error Logs: Expands the error log window to show more rows.

  • System > Maintenance > Error Logs: Suppresses unnecessary "unlink" errors.

If you have other improvements you'd like to see, please contact Clear Thinking at
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Display Specials With Discounts

Current Version: v302.1 (release notes)

This improvement will allow you to factor any discounts generated by Order Totals into the Special price display of products. The Special price will reflect any additional discounts given if that product were added to the cart. This will accurately include quantity-based, total-based, and other discounts created by extensions like Category & Product-Based Fee/Discount or Ultimate Fee/Discount.
  • Upload and go — utilizes ocMod so no core file modifications are necessary.

  • Choose which Order Totals will affect Special price display.

  • Optionally ignore fees, so they do not affect the display.

  • Items will show Special prices that are reflective of the actual discount given by Order Totals. For example, if there is an increasing discount as the customer adds more of a product to the cart, the Special price will change as they add that product to their cart. (Note: This requires a page refresh, as the price display is not dynamically updated using ajax.)

  • Once the item is added to the cart, the Order Total will properly appear as a line item on the order, and the price display for the product in the cart will reflect its normal Special price.
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OpenCart Total Security
Shopping on the web today is very easy and quick to do wherever you are.
Unfortunately, this also involves hackers and other malware that attempt to steal the customers or shop data. Therefore, ensure that you always protect your OpenCart store!

Below is a list of features that our security package offers.

Protect yourself today from malicious hackers and phishers and download the OpenCart Total Security package immediately.

- Server side protection against unauthorized scripts
- SQL injection protection and monitoring
- Protection against direct file access
- Protection against malicious scripts running from folders like image, download, etc
- Protection from malicious customer uploads using the file option type
- Protection from malicious link manipulation (clickjacking)
- Safeguards using X-Frame security checks for external domains
- IP, Name, and Password logging of failed Admin login attempts
- File permission checks on sensitive files such as config and index
- File modification monitoring possible if ssh access is available

This ensures that access to the server, database and files is blocked from external or internal unauthorized scripts.

SQL injection is a code injection technique that is used to attack data-driven applications, inserting indefinite SQL statements into an execution field for execution (for example, to dump database content to the attacker).

This ensures that no files can be loaded directly by entering the URL link directly into the address bar. Hackers will not be able to retrieve the files immediately.

Clickjacking (UI Correction Attack) is a malicious technique to mislead a web user to click on something other than what the user actually sees, allowing potential confidential information to be publicized or take over control over their computer and clicking on malicious webpages.

All incorrect admin login attempts are stored with name and IP.

OpenCart 2.3 Extension Compatibility Fix

Current Version: v230.5 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 2.3.0.x

This modification will allow most extensions that have not been updated specifically for OpenCart 2.3 to run without needing to be updated. It is guaranteed to work with all Clear Thinking extensions, and is included with any purchase of a Clear Thinking extension.

Both vQmod and ocMod versions of the modification are included. You can choose which to use once you unzip the .zip file. As a bonus, it also includes these improvements for the admin Extensions area:
  • Fixes the missing the extension links in the left-hand Extensions menu.

  • Hides duplicate extension names if old extensions still exist.

  • Properly sorts extensions by name rather than code.

  • Fixes extensions being disabled when old extension sub-area URLs are visited (for installations that upgraded from an older OpenCart version).

Note: Extensions must be compatible with OpenCart 2.2 in order for them to work on 2.3. I can't guarantee the modification will work with ALL extensions, but if you have issues with an extension when it is enabled, please contact me and I'll take a look.
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Customized Message Pro - Anywhere Anytime
Custom message pro is an useful extension to display useful messages across store.
Messages can be used for variety of purposes like alerts, warning, information or offer display.
When such messages are displayed customer stays on your site for longer duration time, which decreases your bounce rate and improves ranking.
It helps customers to know about site and easily navigate within your site.

Features List:

- Display custom messages at different locations on your store.
- Messages can set for all the customers, selected customer group based or for a specific customer.
- Messages can also be set only for logged in customers.
- Messages can have date range period. In this period only they will appear.
- Message can also be set for a life time. So they will be shown to customer always.
- Messages also support links. It is useful to take customer to other pages of website.
- Same message can be set at multiple locations at same time.
- Message can be displayed to all users.
- You can have your own background color and text color for a message.
- Each message can have different font size, font weight and font style of display.
- Support custom tags like customer name, email, telephone and order id.
- Option to show or not show close button on message. Some message can never be closed.
- You can add Html, images, icon in messages with rich text editor.
- You can add messages in multiple languages.
- You can set up messages on different stores. It supports multi store.
- No core files are changed.
- It supports multi language.
- Messages are responsive. It is good for SEO.
- Good reviews and good product support lifetime.

How it is useful & Where it can be used ?
Messages are like sign board on a road. It helps you reach the destination.
Let your customers easily navigate to important section of store through messages.
Displaying different coupon codes to users using messages.
Displaying different coupon codes to different customer group. Also helpful in promotions.
Show shipping message across store.
Show new updates to customers or new information link about your store.

Demo links For Opencart Version 2

We have set demo messages across the store for testing.

Message 1

Message 2

Message 3

Message 4

Message 5

Message 6

Demo Link Admin

Username and password : demo

Find custom message pro on page below

Different messages set up in admin

Install custom message pro for your store
Buy Custom Message Pro Now

Latest Update

Customize Message Pro Version : 2.4

- Now supports latest version
- Added tags like customer name, customer email, customer telephone, order id.
- Tags can be added in message and in front end tag value will be used.

Check module update in Documentaion below

Skype: cartbinder

We also developed the extension in opencart 1.5.x
Multi Message Display
GooglePlus Comments - Lovely GooglePlus Social Integration
Why choose iSenseLabs OpenCart Premium solutions?

5000+ customers across the globe, 7000+ product purchases and more than 13000 downloads. Guaranteed support channel with homebuilt ticket support system and custom designed OpenCart forum. Join the fastest growing community of successful businesses enjoying our end-to-end Premium OpenCart solutions.

What is Google Comments?

Some recent SEO experts claim that implementing Google Plus comments improves your SERP and boosts your CTR! Google Comments is a light plug-and-play viral commenting system by Google. Engage your customers and visitors in a discussions. GooglePlus implementation makes it easy for your web store visitors to ask questions, leave comments and +1 the responses. Handmade by the finest developer hands of the iSense team.


✯ Display GooglePlus Comments in a tab
✯ Display GooglePlus Comments on any page
✯ Customize comments width
✯ Easily edit comments
✯ Clean and crisp module, no file modifications
✯ Some SEO experts claim that implementing GooglePlus comments has a positive effect on your webstore SERP/CTR/SEO

Store Front Demo
Admin Demo (Username/Password: demo / demo)

Awesome FREE Support

Open a Support Ticket

With each purchase of the product you are entitled to the iSense Premium Support. It is a highly personalized, reliable, 48-hour guaranteed reply time (except holidays and weekends, which might take longer). A team of experienced technical professionals will lead you through anywhere from the set-up, updates to custom modifications of the modules.

Limitations and Licensing

Please make sure you read all current limitations imposed by Google prior to purchasing this module. iSenseLabs is not to be held liable from any limitations imposed by Google. By purchasing this module you agree that you have read and understood the limitations presented in the Documentation tab. Compatibility with MijoShop/AceShop and FAQ in the Documentation Tab

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Product Image Option DropDown
Make your product page much neater, nicer, more eye-catching to your customers with Product Image Option DropDown mod.

A picture worths a thousand words and this mod improves OpenCart Image option beautifully, replaces the default layout with a fancier dropdown PLUS image previewing effect.

This mod enhances your OpenCart store with the ability to:
- Display product options in a prettier, more organizing and attractive layout.

★ OpenCart - 3.x
★ AceShop, MijoShop
★ Product Color Option, Produc tImage Color sWapping, Multiple Option Quantities
★ Option Price Update Redux, Live update product price, Option Boost
★ Shoppica 1/2, R.Gen, Universal, Fortuna... themes

Compatible with most other themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost
Just drop an email to for any questions or supports.

Admin (demo/demo)

How to use
1- Go to Admin/Catalog/Options/Insert
2- Enter Image Option (or any name you wish) as Option Name
3- Select Image as Type
4- Click on Add Option Value
5- Enter name and use the provided Image Uploader to upload image for each option
7- Repeat step 4-6 to add more option choices

-Image options can just be set to a product as other options.

Please use comment area for questions, features request and feedback only
For support please send emails to [COLOR=#0070c0][/COLOR] for faster response
Prevent Banned IP Checkout
Previously called Prevent Blacklist Checkout

Current Version: v203.1 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5.2.x - 2.0.3.x

This improvement prevents customers with a blacklisted or banned IP address from checking out on your site. Normally, OpenCart allows these customers to complete the checkout process, only marking their order with the store's default order status. This means payment is successfully processed even when you don't want any orders from blacklisted/banned IP addresses.
  • Upload and go — utilizes vQmod so no core file modifications are necessary.

  • Allows customers with a blacklisted/banned IP address to proceed to the "Confirm" step of the checkout process so an order is generated in your system, but no further.

  • Sends an e-mail to the store administrator when an order is attempted by a customer with a blacklisted/banned IP address, with all the relevant order information.
$20.00 $16.99