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Product Color Option
Want to have various Color Options per product for your customers to select from?
Here's what you need: Product Color Option extension.

This extension enhances your OpenCart store with the ability to:
- Create color option with multi color choices
- Set multiple color options to each product
- View color options in both product detail and category page
- Add any color that you can think of with the built-in Color Picker, and instantly see how it will look like on the front-end site

Admin (demo/demo)

- OpenCart 3
- OpenCart 2
- OpenCart 1.5.0-1.5.6, AceShop, MijoShop 2
- Product Options Bulk Update, Option Boost
- Product Image Color sWapping,
- OpenCart Mobile Framework - get a true mobile version of your store
- Shoppica, Sellegance, Granule, MultiCart, Benetton, Elantra, Shoppiza ... themes

Compatible with most other themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost

Add-ons: this can be used together with
- Product Image Color sWapping

- Product Option Image - swap product image when a color is selected

- Product Options Bulk Update - add the same set of colors to multiple products in one go

For questions, supports, feature requests, suggestions, please send email to
ocOptions Images V1.4
With this mod you could create different images for each option value you have, is perfect for products that have different colour option. Also when you click on add to cart the option image will be instead of product image. So if you buy a white T-shirt the customer will see the white T-shirt image for that option.

Installation guide and video:
Attribute Helper V1.5.1
Attribute helper will help you to fill the attribute values for each product. Each time you change/insert a product attribute, the system will show you a select with all values stored on the database, so you can write a new value, or select it from the database.

Also, it will help you to fill all the attributes via an attributes group select when you create a new product. Attribute Helper Works.pdf
AWeber Integration
Newsletter + Email Marketing + Auto Responder = AWeber Mod

AWeber Email Marketing extension allows you to replace the default OpenCart newsletter with a more robust and professional email marketing service. You can use it for newsletters, email campaigns, auto-responders, targeted emails, mailing list, ezine and even direct email blasts to all your customers. There is much more than you ever thought was possible to do legally on email! Don't 'monkey' around by letting a chimp manage your marketing campaigns!

Try the demo:
Try the demo:

Using AWeber gives you confidence that your email will not be viewed as spam and actually make it to your customers inbox. Right now, there are over 102,000 businesses like yours that are raising profits and building customer relationships by using the AWeber opt-in email marketing software... they've been doing it for 10 years now, isn't it time to get started?

Visit the link to get a $1 Trial Account - Cancel Anytime!
Visit the link to get a $1 Trial Account - Cancel Anytime!

You will be charged $1 for your first month - No Risks!
You will be charged $1 for your first month - No Risks!

AWeber Open Cart Extension Features:

- uses vqMod so no files are overwritten
- integrates into open cart front end without changing anything (uses regular subscribe box).
- Turn extension ON or OFF as needed (turn it off to use the open cart default newsletter function).
- Have all your new customers subscribe by default (it's set to OFF when you first install it).
- Admin. can edit customers email address, name and even turn subscription ON / OFF manually.
- To avoid spamming, when the admin turns subscription on, the customer gets a confirmation email.
- [NEW] Updated plug-in to be COMPATIBLE with MORE VERSIONS of OpenCart (works with: 1.5 to
- [NEW] IMPROVED installation process and CODE for better performance.
- [NEW] MODULE to DISPLAY SIGN-UP FORM anywhere on the cart to get more subscribers.
- [NEW] MODULE removes sign-up form and DISPLAYS CONFIRMATION MESSAGE if subscription was successful.
- [NEW] GUEST checkout now has MISSING option for SUBSCRIBING (this alone justifies extension cost)!
- [NEW] GUEST checkout also works with SUBSCRIBE BY DEFAULT feature.
- [NEW] Admin can manually ADD or REMOVE SUBSCRIBERS.
- [NEW] Admin can VIEW SUBSCRIBER LIST including name and email with ability to filter the list.
- [NEW] Admin can FILTER the list of SUBSCRIBERS to easily find any subscriber.
- [NEW] Admin can activate MODULE to display SIGN-UP FORM anywhere on site.
- [NEW] Admin can configure module to SHOW or HIDE SUBSCRIBER COUNT.
- [NEW] Admin can configure module to make NAME field REQUIRED, OPTIONAL or OFF.

Try the demo:
Try the demo:

Installation document includes step-by-step instructions with screen captures to make it easier on beginners.

This includes how to get and use the free VQMod extension, which you should already be using in your shop.
Category Sorts: Most Viewed, Name, Date, Price
This vqmod will replace the default sorting methods with the following:

- Most popular products
- Name (A - Z)
- Name (Z - A)
- Newest > Oldest
- Oldest > Newest
- Price (Low > High)
- Price (High > Low)

These selected sorting methods will appear on the category,special,manufacturer and search pages.

This vqmod adds a new custom sorting method: Popular/Most viewed, which you can't find in the standard opencart sorting methods. This works with any custom theme!

If you need another custom list of sorting methods, feel free to contact me
Category Extra description field
- This vqmod will add a new description field to your category page. You can add text, banner or just paste any HTML code you want.
- It will be displayed at the bottom of the products list.
- It will add an extra textarea field in admin, when inserting or editing a category.

- This will help you if you want to show a banner or any text at the bottom of the category page.
- You need this is you want to add any text or HTML to the category page, different than the default category description

- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work feel free to contact me by e-mail.
Product Reviews on Category page
- This vqmod will add a list with all the products' reviews on the category page.
- It will be displayed at the bottom of the products list.
- It shows the product name and the review for it.

- This will help you if you want to show reviews on the category page, so the client will know that this is a popular category and that people have bought from it.
- Client will not have to check each product for reviews, they will just know it when visiting the category page.

- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work feel free to contact me by e-mail.
BNR currency exchange rate
- This vqmod will only update your store RON currency using the BNR currency exchange feed.
Update store currency from BNR (National Bank of Romania)

1) You must have your store's default currency set to one of the following: USD / EUR / GBP.
2) You must have the RON currency added to your store.
3) It will take your default currency(ex: EUR) and update the RON curency of your store to the value from BNR.
4) You also might need this vqmod to display your frontend currency in RON
- This is useful when you receive your product feeds in a different currency than the one you want to sell in your store(you get USD, EUR or GBP and you want to sell in RON).
- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work, feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Sort by Manufacturers on Category and Search
DEMO ( might not always run )


- This vqmod will list the products sorted/grouped by Manufacturer/Brand.
- The manufacturers list is sorted alphabetically on each page and product boxes are created.
- The list works with both List/Grid views.


This vqmod will list the products grouped by Manufacturer/Brand.
Listing like this is useful if you have products with the same name or that share the same image/thumbnail.
The customer will not be confused and will be able to see in the page all the products that belong to a certain Manufacturer.
The list works with both List/Grid views.
This vqmod works on the default theme, but I can adapt this to your custom theme.
If you need another custom Open Cart job, feel free to contact me
Manufacturers on header menu
DEMO(server might be down)


1) This vqmod will add the manufacturers/brands to the header menu(lists with names and links)
2) This currently works with the default theme(with the default theme's tags structure)
3) If you have a custom theme, please paste the code from the read-me.txt file to any area of the header.tpl you need and it will work !
- If you need support, please contact me
- For any other custom modules, custom extensions or any other custom OpenCart work feel free to contact me by e-mail.
New Custom Extra Fields on Registration


You can use this vqmod if you want your customers to enter extra information on your registration/order forms.
It adds the following fields to the address form: 'Bank account','Bank'.
This is just an example, but we can extend this to your own custom needs.
This vqmod will add extra registration fields on your Open Cart store, on all the following address forms, right after the Company Fields(see screenshots):


- Registration page
- Account > Address book entries(on edit page and new page)
- Checkout > Guest
- Checkout > Register
- Checkout > New Payment Address


- New Customer page
- Customer Edit page
- New Order(payment)
- Order Edit page

It also adds language entries, for English and Romana.
If you want to display these fields on your CUSTOM THEME, please contact me and I will adapt this to your needs.
If you want a custom job, if you need OTHER EXTRA FIELDS on your forms, feel free to contact me
Random Order ID

This mod generates and uses a random Order Number and Invoice number, that is related to the Order ID, so that clients or competition will never know exactly how many orders your store has processed!

When you search in admin, you can search by order ID or by order No, which is the random generated number and it will show the same results.

On the front-end, the user only sees the new generated number for Order and Invoice, and not the real order ID or real Invoice ID.

The real sequential Invoice ID is kept for accountant reasons. The invoice random number displayed to customer is a string that works like this: invoice prefix + order random no + generated sequential number, for example: on order 80728 invoice is INV-2012-00807281

This module is under development.


1) Please back-up your database!
2) Please run the SQL queries located at the beginning of the XML file, between comments.
You have to replace the table prefix 'oc_' with your own database prefix.
3) After that you can install the mod, as the columns have to already exist in the database.
If you are having other issues, please contact me:
Add to Cart via URL link
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
Adds the ability to add an item to cart by direct link (GET) rather than needing a form post (POST).
Also adds alternative methods of adding by product_id, sku, or model.
Supports options as well (See examples below)

* You will need to have the latest vQmod engine installed (

Main features:
* Simple vQmod script plug and play. No files to edit or overwrite.
* Supports lookup by product_id, sku, or model
* Instantly adds to cart and redirect to cart page
* If product has required options that were not specified, it will redirect to the product page to allow proper choice
* Can be expanded to support ANY unique field (isbn, upc, location, etc)
* Passable Parameters:
- product_id
- model
- sku
- quantity
- option
- redirect (eg: checkout/checkout)

Examples of use:
Product with no options (product_id):
Product with qty of 2 (product_id):
Product with 1 option (product_id):[8]=22
Uber Checkout



Supported OpenCart Versions:
v1.5.1 and newer

What does it do:
This replaces the normal checkout with a much cleaner and simpler 2 step option and use a more intutive design that customers are sure to love
Page One: Login/Registration combines the login form and registration form for Normal or Guest accounts.
Page Two: Checkout Confirmation combines all the checkout display options in one place and uses ajax to handle all updates
The result is the cleanest checkout experience available. 2 steps is more intuitive and reduces clutter.

- This mod requires the vQmod engine to be installed (
- Because of the way the page updates using ajax, changes to setting will have to update the temp order.
Since OpenCart simply generates a new temp order by default, this can result in many temp orders in the "Abandoned" or "Missing" orders list.
Though not required, You will want to use the "Single Order Temp Id" vQmod to limit excessive temp orders:
This will ensure that the same order id is reused for a single customer instead of generating a new order id each time.

Main features:
* Does not overwrite any core files!
* Uses vQmod for a few simple changes
* Easy to customize template files to move boxes around.
* Follows OpenCart's classes to allow for blending naturally with custom themes
* Choice of "Radio" or "Select" choices for Shipping and Payment (via Admin)
* Admin configuration options for shipping/payment style and update triggers
* Single Address form for Guest/Register with simple password option
* Can Restore to normal checkout by simply disabling from the admin.
* Adds separate shipping checkbox option
* Uses store wide setting for guest checkout to determine if password is required or not.
* Automatically requires account creation if product has a download (as this is an opencart requirement)
* Combines Shipping/Payment/Confirm into one page with ajax updates
* Full compatibility with existing payment extensions. Unlike other checkout systems out there, this will work with all payment extensions dynamically.
* Supports new Customer Group Account choice during registration (v1.5.3 or later)
* Supports new Company ID and Tax ID fields (v1.5.3 or later)
* Supports agree checkbox
* Supports Shoppica2, Sellegance, ShopCart, and more!
Individual Shipping

Current Version: v303.1 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5.2.x - 3.0.3.x

Enable customers to select a shipping method for each individual product, or each group of products, during checkout! This gives customers flexibility in how items are shipped to them, allowing them to choose faster shipping methods for just the products they need quickly. As a store owner, shipping items individually also helps you charge the correct amount when your items are difficult to combine into single shipments.
  • Upload and go — modifies no core files.

  • Choose to display shipping choices for each product, or for each group of products, based on any product data field.

  • Utilize the shipping methods you already have set up, properly displaying them for each product or group based on its quantity, weight, and value.

  • Let customers choose between standard shipping options (for the entire cart) and individual shipping options — or disable the choice so only individual shipping options are available.

  • View the customer's shipping choices at a glance — each selected shipping option properly show up in the "Shipping" line item in the shopping cart, confirmation page, and order invoice.

  • Override shipping settings for any shipping method, individually for each product or each group. Or for even greater control over which shipping methods are shown, use in conjunction with Restrict Shipping Methods
$59.99 $49.99
Custom Category Sorts: by Popular/Most Viewed, by Date, by Price
Custom Category Sorts - by Popular, by Date, by Price v1.5


This vqmod will replace the default sorting methods with the following:

- Most popular products
- Newest > Oldest
- Oldest > Newest
- Price (Low > High)
- Price (High > Low)

These selected sorting methods will appear on the category,special,manufacturer and search pages.

This vqmod adds a new custom sorting method: Popular/Most viewed, which you can't find in the standard opencart sorting methods. This works with any custom theme!

If you keep all the default sorting methods, you will have unnecessary load on the server, caused by products being sorted in every possible way.

If you need another custom list of sorting methods, feel free to contact me
Guests newsletter signup
- Uses the same customer list/table as OpenCart, you can manage subscribers from admin, as regular customers;
- E-mail validation and duplication check;
- Easy to embed html code;
- Custom template file that you can modify and include in your theme;
- Language files so you can change the displayed texts and notices;
- No overwrites.

- With this vqmod installed, your guest customers will be able to subscribe to your newsletter without the need of creating an account.
- In every store there should be the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter, without creating an account. Unfortunately, OpenCart does NOT do this by default, but now you can use this vqmod!
- The vqmod comes with custom newsletter controller,template and language files(english and romanian).
- You can place the newsletter form wherever you want in your theme, by copying the html code from the read-me.txt file.

- If you are still having questions, please contact me anytime by email at or leave a comment on the extension's page.
Hidden Shipping Adjustments

Current Version: v303.1 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5.2.x - 3.0.3.x

This extension allows you to adjust your shipping costs for USPS, FedEx, UPS, or any other shipping method, without your customer knowing. Use it to change the cart weight before shipping calculations occur, and/or modify the shipping amount charged to the customer.
  • Upload and go — utilizes ocMod so no core file modifications are necessary.

  • Change the weight used for shipping calculations, individually for each shipping method.

  • Increase or decrease the calculated shipping cost, individually for each shipping method, and optionally for each shipping rate within a method.

  • Adjust the weight and costs by flat value or percentage, and set minimum or maximum limits for the results.

  • All adjustments are hidden from the customer, so no line items are added to the order.

For more powerful rules when setting up adjustments, take a look at:

$29.99 $25.99
Frontpage Categories
This module is designed to go on the homepage. It lists the categories in a box with the category image on the right and a list of subcategories on the left.

V2 adds the ability to select the number of columns from the admin, and the ability to show products if subcategories are not available.
Vehicle YMM
This is a vehicle year/make/model filter solution for opencart 1.5.1 and newer.

Added version 2.7 with compatibility. If you do not need the compatibility you would probably be better off sticking with the old version for now. I have tested the new version, but it's a large change to make it work with the new version and many places for bugs to creep in. I have not yet updated the multi-store version, but I will get to it soon.
** note that v27+ requres version 2.3.0 (the latest version) of vqmod. **
** note if you get a cannot redeclare error after installing clear your vqmod cache **

Added a multi-store version so that makes and models are limited to ones that are associated with products that are assigned to the current store. Only use this version if you need it as it will have some performance implications, though I hope they are minimal.

This mod allows you to add unlimted year make and model combinations to your products.

Unlike other year make model mods this is not a search mod. It is a filter mod. Once the customer selects a year make and model the entire site gets filtered by only the applicable products and categories. You can browse anywhere in the site and everything will be filtered.


  • Unlimited year make model per product
  • Not a search mod any browsing or searching done on the site once filter is set will be limited to applicable products.
  • Filters products, categories, bestsellers, specials, featured, latest products
  • Option to remember vehicle which sets a cookie so that the user does not have to select vehicle every time they visit your site.
  • Set products as universal so they show up no matter what filter is selected.
  • Adds a tab with a list of vehicles the product fits when applicable.
  • Utilizes vqmod for upload and use install
  • Includes import export script for easy adding of year make models to products.
  • Filter by make only or make/model only etc.
  • Choose where to go once filter is applied (home / search / reload current page)


  • bug fix for slow queries when you have lots of filters.

  • change so that home and search redirects should work with multi-store.

  • Fixed category recursion problem
  • Added 1.5.2 compatibility
  • Changed import to turn off universal on imported products
  • Updated stylesheet so it will go horizontal if placed in one of the center positions.

  • Fixed small bug in admin where you couldn't edit engines

  • Added ability to import using alternate unique identifiers
  • Added ability to import new data without deleting old data so you no longer have to import all data every time.

  • Rewrote vqmod search code to better avoid conflicts
  • Added compatibility
  • Tweek styling for horizontal layout for when module used in center column.

  • Fixed bug where search action was wrong with older versions of opencart.
  • Changed vqmod template search to use wildcard so it should work with most third party templates without changes.

  • Move the destination selection into the modules so that you can have different destinations depending on route.

  • Added loading indicator during ajax calls
  • Years are now filtered by engine if you have both enabled.

  • Fixed bug where export did not 0 fill fields if engine was turned off.
  • Changed the clear option on import to actually clear all tables so it starts clean.
  • Added ability to export using alternate identifiers.

  • Fixed a bug in the new engines filter years code.

  • Fixed bug on non existent product pages.
  • Refactored category filter. Should be much faster on stores with lots of products in a deep category structure.

  • Fixed a bug introduced with the category refactoring
  • Added ability to sort years high to low or low to high.

  • Fixed a bug where you could submit without selecting a make.
  • Fixed a bug with alternate language support.

  • Fixed categories with only universal products
  • Added product status check to category query

  • Added option to not show universal products in search results

  • Fixed bug if none of the products in a filter were assigned to any categories.

  • Added sanity checks to the make/model/engine editor to not allow deleting if in use by products.