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Developer Agreement

Terms and Conditions

By choosing to sell your extensions on, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:
  1. The developer receives 80% of each extension sale, and OpenCartX receives 20% of each sale. Commission payments occur via PayPal on the last day of each month for that month's sales.

  2. OpenCartX will be responsible for all payment and credit card processing fees. The developer will be responsible for PayPal fees associated with commission payments.

  3. Extensions must work as described on a default OpenCart installation for the stated versions. Developers are not required to support custom themes or modified installations, although a minimal level of support in these situations is appreciated.

  4. Any OpenCart version that is stated as compatible must be so with every point-release of that version. For example, an extension that is stated as compatible with v1.5.5.x needs to be compatible with all 1.5.5.x versions (1.5.5,, etc.). If the extension does not meet this requirement then the developer may not select that version for compatibility.

  5. OpenCartX is not an advertising platform to increase sales on other sites. This means extension descriptions may not contain links to other sites where the extension is sold, including the developer's own site or the OpenCart store.

Standard of Quality

All extensions will be held to a high standard of quality, and may be removed from the marketplace if they receive a significant number of legitimate negative reviews or ratings. An extension may also be removed from the marketplace for any of the following reasons:
  1. Not providing significant value or functionality (for example, an extension that only removes a single element of the home page).

  2. Duplicating functionality of an extension already being sold.

  3. Not writing an accurate description or giving sufficient documentation for the extension.

  4. Requiring unnecessary core file edits.

  5. Not utilizing standard OpenCart conventions, such as built-in OpenCart functions or standard CSS classes and ids, without good reason.

Bannable Offenses

For the protection of every developer, the following actions will result in the developer being immediately banned from OpenCartX, as well as forfeiture of any commission payments not yet paid out.
  1. Copying another developer's work, including but not limited to any extension code, descriptions, files, images, design, or functionality.

  2. Creating fake reviews or ratings of any developer's extensions, including one's own.

  3. Using abusive language or committing abusive actions towards a customer or another developer.