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Remember Admin Tabs
"Remember Admin Tabs" will keep track of your most recently selected tabs in all areas of the OpenCart admin panel. When you go back to edit a product, category, or any other screen with tabs it will remember the last clicked tab and return you to there.

Since product option tabs can vary these are remembered per product.

When used in conjunction with one of the many available extensions which add the "Save & Continue" button to various pages, this will greatly enhance your catalog management experience by allowing you to save your work, see the updated page in your store and resume edits without ever leaving the page and tab you are working in.

Check out: Admin Save and Keep Editing

Change log:
v1.1 - 1/3/2014 - Fixed bug to remember vtabs in order editing and viewing panels
v1.0 - 12/8/2013 - Initial Release
Custom Mega Menu
This extension allows you to create and save a custom HTML Mega Menu for each category.

* Requires a basic knowledge of HTML & CSS *

• Create your own custom HTML Mega Menu for each top level category
• ACE Editor for editing menu HTML
• Defaults back to classic OpenCart menu style if no Mega Menu is written
• CSS Animation for slow drop down effects and more
• CSS Helper classes for creating columns, lists, boxes & headers
• Menu caching feature which greatly improves page load time
• Compatible with Remember Admin Tabs
Google Rich Snippets
Rich Snippets are a way to provide Google detailed product information in a structured way so that in search results it can display rich snippets (for example, price, availability, and review ratings)


Rich snippets help you to:

  • Attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google.
  • Submit your product listings for free.
  • Control your product information. You can maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find the relevant, current items they're looking for.

One issue with OpenCart's default aggregate rating is that it truncates the fraction instead of rounding it off. So if your aggregate rating is 4.9 (i.e. anything less than perfect 5 but more than 4), then OpenCart shows rating as 4 and 4 stars. This is not good or fair as your customers might think that average rating is lower than it is. But it's even worse if you are using Rich Snippets because then this lower than real rating shows on Google results page.

So, an additional task that this extension performs from v 1.8 onwards is that it fixes the ratings. With this extension, your shop shows stars based on rounded off average rating, and Google is provided accurate average rating, which seems more realistic to Google and will help your Rich Snippet show up more quickly in results, and not be snippet-spam flagged.

Tooltips are also added to rating stars.

Because this is a vQmod, no core files are touched, and the changes should carry over to the next version.

Documentation and Support

I hope you enjoy this free extension. Please
World Wide Express LTL Freight
Worldwide Express LTL Freight Shipping module adds the ability to integrate your World Wide Express account and get freight shipping quotes directly from their SpeedShip service.


• Returns the best quotes from over 30 freight carriers
• Adds a customer freight settings panel so customers have the option of storing their freight settings
• Optionally prompts customer during checkout for freight preferences
• Adds a Freight tab to product admin panel for specifying how each product will ship and various freight options
• Support for shipping Hazmat (Hazardous Materials)
• Stores Shipment Quote ID with order details for later booking the carrier & price quoted
• Ability to edit and view freight settings for each order in admin panel
• Modifies no core files
• Compatible with Opencart 1.5.4, 1.5.5, & 1.5.6

You must have an account with World Wide Express to use this service. Visit them @
Checkout Logos
Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
Adds a fast, compatible way to add logos to your Payment, Shipping, and Order Totals during checkout.
OpenCart doesn't offer an option to use a logo for payments and shipping on the checkout steps.
Some people enter tags into the language files for the title, but this causes issues with the order emails and invoice.
This mod allows you to quickly add logos for your payments, shipping, and order totals for display during checkout.
But it won't conflict with the invoice or order totals db records.
This also uses a method that is both theme and checkout system independent. It should work with all payments and checkouts, even custom ones.

- The latest version of vQmod from

Main features:
* No files are overwritten
* Not theme dependent
* Custom logo sizes for each type
* Supports Standard Checkout and Uber Checkout. Can easily be made to work with other checkout systems.
* Separate images for each payment, shipping, and order total
* If no image is set, it just uses the normal title
* Can be enabled/disabled at once with the status control
* Lets you manage all extension logos from one spot, with a tab for each type
* Uses the Module system on the admin side for easy configuration, and vQmod on the catalog side for worry free modifications.

Note: Logo images are not included
Nivo Slider Delux
This extension will greatly enhance the functionality of your Banners and the Slideshow Module (Nivo Slider) which comes standard in the default OpenCart installation.

  • Add HTML formatted text captions for each slide in a banner
  • Set sort order for each slide in a banner
  • Easily adjust any and all settings for Nivo Slider as explained HERE, such as Animation Speed, Pause Time, Caption Opacity, Effects, etc.
  • Add Custom CSS for each slideshow from within the admin panel, giving you ability to control the appearance and position of text & images, or define custom classes for use in caption text.
  • "Save & Continue" button for Both Slideshow module and Banner editing.
Options Modify Product Dimensions
This is a vQmod which allows you to use product options to modify it's dimensions, just as you would with price, points or weight. You can modify the dimensions based on addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), or equal to (=).

You will find this a useful companion to any shipping modules which use product dimensions to get rate quotes, such as Qphoria's UPS Deluxe addon.

You must install vQmod 2.2 or higher for this to work. You can get the latest release here:

Just drop the file "options-modify-dimensions.xml" in your vQmod xml directory and you're ready to go!

After it's installed, the first time you edit a product 4 additional fields will be added to the "product_option_value" table. No Core files will be changed.

To use, open a product for editing in the admin panel and click the options tab. Here you can enter numeric values for altering product dimensions length, width & height in the cart using +, -, * or = modifiers.

As a safety precaution, always backup your database & installation directory before installing new software.

To uninstall simply trash the xml file. If you wish you can remove extra fields which were added to your database table product_option_value: dimension_prefix, length, width & height.

v1.3 - Oct 28, 2013:
Added support for OpenCart versions 1.5.4, & 1.5.6

v1.2 - Oct 10, 2013:
Updated to work with earlier versions of vQmod which do not support multiple filename declarations for a single operation (v2.2 and earlier)

v1.1 - Oct 9, 2013:
Fixed bug which prevented writing to databases with certain prefix

v1.0 - Oct 7, 2013:
Original Release
UPS Address Verification (vQmod)
Supported OpenCart Versions:
All v1.5.x versions

What does it do:
Adds a validation check during registration or checkout to validate United States (USA) Addresses using the UPS Address Validation API.
When a user enters his information and clicks the continue button, the address is sent to UPS and validated against the USPS Address Verification.
If the address is a match, it will continue successfully with no alert.
If the address doesn't match, it will return suggestions
If the address is way off, it will report the error reason

* You will need to have the vQmod engine installed (
* A free UPS Developer account to authenticate the use of their API
You can get that here:
You will need your UPS userid, password, and developer access key

Main features:
* Simple vQmod script plug and play
* Works with any US based billing or shipping address
* Works with all registration and guest checkout processes. Anywhere an address is entered.
Customer Group Price
"Customer Group Price" is an OpenCart extension that allows administrator to quickly set discounted/special price per product for each Customer Group.
Admin can also choose to display all or some group prices on product detail page, allowing customers to view and compare prices applied to other groups

What's new in 1.4
- OpenCart 2 compatible
- New feature: custom color for each customer group price

A must-have extension if your store has multi-store set up and/or has multi customer groups.
You no longer have to jump back and forward between Data, Discount and Special tabs just to set the correct price you want for a Customer Group

This extension brings a more visually straightforward way, all you need to do is simply entering the price for each group,
and that's it, all customers under that group will see the special price set for them after logging in.
Leave a group's price empty, and they will see the product's original price.

For multi-store, you only need to set separated groups for each store, then follow the above steps

Displaying all group prices on product detail page is a new optional feature, and can be turn on/off under Extensions/Modules/Customer Group Price

This extension utilises OpenCart Discount & Special pricing feature for the best compatibility and performance.
No change in the database or core files.
You can still set up other Discount and Special prices
(e.g 40% discount for Wholesalers anytime of the year, add 10% if they buy more than 1000, and 15% on Black Friday etc)
and they will work well with this extension

Powered by VqMod, no core files are edited, make it perfectly safe when you want to update your OpenCart installation

Admin (demo/demo)
Check how the price changes by logging in using different customer accounts:
- Default group: no need to log in
- Wholesale group: wholesale / demo

★ OpenCart 1.4.9.x - 2.x.
★ Compatible with most themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost

How to use
- Insert or edit an existing product
- Enter default price and special prices for each customer group under Data tab

For questions, supports, feedback, feature requests
please send emails to
Custom Product Builder
Do you:
- Have online stores of printed shirts, printed cases, printed business cards, wallpapers, stickers, decals etc or similar products?
- Want give your customers the tool to design their own products, then place an order for you can print

With Custom Product Builder, your customers are given the tool they need.
Various selections of backgrounds and images can be set up for them to choose from, they can also upload their own pictures and add custom text.

★ Let your customers build their own product with various selections of background, images and text
★ Manage list of Background and Images for customer to select from, can be different for each product
★ Support custom Background and Images: can also be uploaded from client's machine
★ Support adding custom text with different font style, font size and color
★ System fonts and Google fonts are available
★ Support moving, resizing, rotating, copying, flipping images and text
★ Layer controls: easily place an images/texts on top or under another
★ Final product is exported into file and attached to order

Upcoming features
Our team is continuously working to make this extension better and better and adding more functions based to your feedback and suggestions. Below are some feature we are likely to add in v3
★ Improved Layout & design: more eye catching, more user friendly, easier to use
★ Improved user experience: less steps, easier to set up
★ Image color changing
★ Text effect: shadow, border etc
★ Image categorising: put additional images (and backgrounds) into group, support image search
★ Image integration: getting image from external sites: Facebook, Picasa, Dropbox, PhotoBucket, Fotolia etc
You tell us: suggest the update you want by leaving comments or send us emails. We are always listening

Buy it NOW and get all future updates FREE

Admin (demo/demo)

- OpenCart 1.5.2-1.5.6
- Product Options Quick Add

- Most themes - Customising to work with your theme is provided FREE

For questions, supports, feature requests, suggestions, please leave comments or send email to

★ Quick Support: our team will get back to you within 1 business day
★ Money Back Guarantee if we cannot get the extension to work as described on your site

Your 5★ ratings and comments keep the updates coming!

Follow us on Twitter @wedoweb_au

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Product Series
Linking multiple products into series is now easier than ever.
Here's what you need: Product Series Extension

With this extension, you can now link multiple products into a collection or series.
Customers can see images and links to other products in the same series or collection with the one they are viewing.

Please note that this module is an alternate version of Color Series, only one can be used at a time not both.
You can update from Color Series to Product Series but all existing colors will be lost.

This mod enhances your OpenCart store with the ability to:
★ Create Product Series that link to multiple products.
★ Assign images to items in a series.
★ Products in the same series are displayed in category and product pages.
Whenever viewing any product, users can also see all other products in the same series

Admin (demo/demo)

★ OpenCart 2
★ OpenCart 1.5.0-1.5.6, MijoShop 2
★ Support OpenCart multi-store. You want Striped products to be visible only on your Women Store, Plain ones - only Men Store, and Colorful ones - on both? Sure you can.
★ Shoppica2 theme, RGen Cupid, Ribbon themes
★ Compatible with most themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost

For suggestions, feature requests, questions and supports, please either leave commetns or send email to
Product Option Image
This extension allows admin to assign an unique image for each option value per product.
When the option is selected on front-end, main product image will be swapped with the corresponding option image.

This extension enhances your OpenCart store with the ability to:
- Assign different image for each option value per product
- When an option is selected, the main image will be swapped with that option's image
- Display selected option's image in Cart
- Support Select, Radio, Image type Options
- Support Color type Option (require Product Color Option extension - v1.4.2 or later)
- Can have multiple options with image per product

- OpenCart 2
- OpenCart
- Dependent Options, Option SKU extension
- Many zoom scripts: ColorBox, ElevateZoom, CloudZoom, LightBox, jQueryZoom, zoomLens, MagicZoom...
- Product Color Option v1.4.2 and later

- Compatible with most themes
Customising the mod to work with your theme (custom or not) is provided at no extra cost
Just drop an email to for any questions or supports.


Combined with Product Color Option

Admin (demo/demo)

For questions, supports, feature requests, suggestions, please send email to
Show All Products Catalog Page for OpenCart
Adds link to a new page created automatically for your OpenCart shop that shows all the products. The included VQMod shortcuts allow you to choose 4 different locations for the link that takes you to the Show All Products Catalog Page.

Choose to add a link to the header or footer as well as the categories or information module – use 1, none, your choice! ​


• Automatically Created Product Catalog Page.
• Show All Products in New Product Catalog Page.
• New Files & VQMod – No Core Files Are Modified.
• Upload the Files & Go… it’s that Easy!
• Quick Links Using VQMod Shortcuts.
• Easily Add Link to Site Header Before Wish List.
• Easily Add Link to Site Footer Customer Service Section.
• Easily Add Link to Bottom of the Categories Module.
• Easily Add Link to Top of the Information Module.
• Displays 200 Products Per Page by Default.
• Visitor Can Choose to Show 15, 50, 100, 150 or 200 Products Per Page.
• Pagination Feature if Total Products Exceeds Display Limit.
• Choose Either List or Grid View.
• Product Compare Link.
• Ability to Sort Products By: Default, Name (A-Z), Name (Z-A), Price (Low>High), Price (High>Low), Rating (Highest), Rating (Lowest), Model (A-Z), Model (Z-A). • Add to Cart Button. • Add to Wish List Link.
• Add to Compare Link.


1. Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation. Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.

2. Look for the 4 links displayed in header, footer, categories & information module.

3. Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key & press – do it twice to be sure.

Essentials Starter Pack for OpenCart
OpenCart Essentials Starter Pack was created as a VQmod plug-in for my own shop as there were so many features that are missing on a fresh OpenCart install.

Since MrTech supports OpenCart shops, we test many new installations and these plug-in contains many of the features we find handy to have on any OpenCart shop, not just new ones.


1. Add Favicon to Admin Section.

2. Show Image Name in File Manager.

3. Add Clear Cache button on the Error Log page.

4. Add Clear Cache button on the Admin Dashboard.

5. Add ‘Clear Cache’ to the list of options in the ‘System’ menu.

6. Show Name for Easy Reference When Editing/Adding a Product, Category or Information Page.

7. Display Local Time on the Admin Dashboard Next to Title.

8. Display Local Time on the Error Log Page Next to Title.

9. Show Information Pages in Admin by Sort Order So That Both Front and Back End Look The Same.

10. Display Number of Products in the Overview Section of the Admin Dashboard and the Product Page.

11. Highlight Bar for Each Line/Row in Admin – Figure Out Which Edit Button to Click Faster.

12. Make Select Box Much Taller in Admin for Easier Use.

13. Slideshow Speed Settings.

14. Replace ‘Powered by’ in the Site Footer and the Admin Site Footer As Well.

15. Replace ‘Powered by’ in each Outgoing Email Footer With: (c)StoreName YEAR. All rights reserved.

16. Remove Non Relevant ‘Continue’ Button From All Information Pages.

17. Hide Any Information Page From Showing Up in the Menu by Setting the Sort Order to ‘-1’ (minus one).

18. Change Featured to Featured Spotlight

19. Get More Attention / Rotates Featured Items on Refresh.

20. Personalize user account by displaying: ‘FirstName Account Page’ instead of ‘My Account Page’.

21. Remove breadcrumb & Delete Duplicate Title on Account Page.

22. Convert all HOME links in the header to use pretty / clean SEO URLs.

23. Improve Review Section by Including Product Name for Easy Reference = better SEO.

24. Center Module Display Boxes.

25. Change ‘logged-out’ to any page you want to display after a user logs out.

26. Add name to registration email.

27. Add Space Between Price and Currency Name When Using Multi Currency.


Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation. Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.

Login to Admin, look for Time & Date Displayed on dashboard to confirm plug-in successfully install.

Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key & press – do it twice to be sure
House Brand Module for OpenCart
OpenCart has an option that lets you create brands and assign them to your products, but that’s as far as it goes. If you ever ordered a salad in a restaurant, you may have asked what the house dressing is or perhaps your local pub has a house brand on tap as well?

Everyone knows there is always a house brand to be had that can be less expensive most time since it’s also known as a generic or no name brand.

Don’t just resell products, sell your own house brand products!

Promote your own house brand in Open Cart with the House Brand Module.

The House Brand Module works exactly like the Featured Module.
Randomize / Shuffle products on every page load (this method does not make extra calls to the database. It loads many products at once and then shuffles them before being displayed).
Products get centered inside the module for better styling.
Add as many products (set limit) as you wish to have displayed.
Set the width and height of the image.
Add the module to any layout.
Choose the position of the module (Content Top or Bottom and Column Left or Right).
Upload and go — requires no modification to core files or the database.
Compatible with almost any custom theme.
Create an unlimited number of modules all over your site.


Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation. Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.
Admin, Extensions, Modules – Click Install next to House Brand.
Click next to House Brand.
Choose which products will be displayed in your module by using Autocomplete.
Click the button on the bottom right hand side.
Works like other modules on the site such as Featured.
Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key & press – do it twice to be sure..
- See more at:
Customer Service Department for OpenCart
Customer Service Department for OpenCart:

Improve customer service in your OpenCart Shop by enhancing the account page. Re-invents the way the account page is organized and displayed when your customer is logged in. Don't cheat them out of the experience by ignoring this crucial part of your site!

A well organized account page is the same as having a customer service department in your OpenCart shop.


• Page Title now shows: Customer Service Dept. for: FirstName.
• NEW Icons Added to Each Link to Allow Finding Features Fast.
• Quick Overview Shows Total Number of Orders with Clickable Link.
• Quick Overview Show Customer's Account Balance (also called transaction) with Clickable Link.
• Quick Overview Shows Customer's Points Balance (also called rewards) with Clickable Link.
• Quick Overview Shows Date Customer Joined – useful for customer appreciation.
• Transaction link removed & replaced with Quick Overview Section (described above).
• Features 2 Rows for Quick & Easy Navigation of the Customer Service Department.
• Top Row Includes Customer Service Account Functions:
Edit, Change Password, Update Address, View Order History, and View Downloads.
• Bottom Row Includes Extra Customer Service Functions: Manage Newsletter Subscription, View Points
(Rewards), View Wish List, View or Create Returns, Purchase Gift Cards (Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates).
• Gift Cards (Vouchers) icon & link featured prominently in the customer service department to increase sales.
• Personalized Gift Card Sales – When clicking the link, name and email address will already be filled out.
• Account Module displays Logged in as: FirstName for a more personal shopping experience.
• Account Module no longer shows transaction link (see quick overview section).
• Add Print button on order page which allows a customer to print any order any time.
• Add Customer name to registration email – When you add a name, there's less chance of being marked as spam.


1. Send contents of folder to OpenCart installation.
Don’t worry, no files are overwritten.

2. Login as a customer on your front end and view the customer
account page to confirm plug-in successfully installed.

3. Don’t see updates? Refresh page – hold key &
press – do it twice to be sure.
Pearl Jewellery Responsive OpenCart Theme
A Clean Minimal Black Responsive OpenCart Theme. Best suites for Jewellery, Watches, Lingerie etc..,
Social Discount - Like/Follow/Tweet & Get Discount
✔ Join more than 2000 Happy Opencart Store Owners enjoying the extensions designed and developed by Opcrat. Listed as a Opencart Partner.
Social Discount extension specially designed to build social networking (Facebook and Twitter) community/fan base to rockets sale through spreading the word of mouth and also for future rich social marketing. Offer special discount (Fixed/Percentage) for liking social page of Facebook, following your twitter account and tweeting. Discount will automatically apply once they like, follow or tweet through your social networks.

✔ Integrated 2 major social networking sites: Facebook and Twitter
✔ Quickly increase social networking community/fan base
✔ Rockets sale/revenue through spreading the word of mouth
✔ Increase brand awareness and popularity
✔ Positive effect on your Search Engine Optimization
✔ Required no additional activities from you to increase social fan base, once set up, your customers will do the rest of the work for you.
✔ Multilanguage
✔ Multiple Social Discounts

✔ Fixed/Percentage Discount
✔ No Discount if they already liked.
✔ Remove discount if they dislike during same order.
✔ Custom Facebook Page
✔ Custom Twitter Username
✔ Custom Message to Tweet.
✔ Minimum Total Quantity-Quantity Range
✔ Minimum Total Value- Value Range
✔ Customer Login to View
✔ Starting Date- End Date
✔ Uses per Sale
✔ Uses per Customer
✔ Free Shipping
✔ Starting Date- End Date

Sales Promotion Module
✔ To display social widgets anywhere in your store with promotion details.

Store Front Demo
Admin Demo

VQMod Version!
Easy to Install, VQMod version so no need to change any core files of opencart.

Released Version 1.1 New!

Notice: This extension adds new tables to your database.
Please check our demo first for specific requirements before purchasing this extension.

Important Notice: Because of privacy policy concern we have removed support for Google Plus. Please refer google plus button policies for more details.

Free Support
Having trouble installing or using this extension? Contact Opcrat

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Opencart Customization
Recent Activity - Increase Sales
✔ Join more than 2000 Happy Opencart Store Owners enjoying the extensions designed and developed by Opcrat. Listed as a Opencart Partner.
Recent Activity Module specially designed to increase revenue by providing social proof and building trust. Allow customers to discover products, categories, brands by promoting real time latest impulse of your customers/visitors recent activities.

Is this store legitimate? Do other people actually use this store? What can I do here? What are other people buying? What should I buy? Can I trust this store? These are the types of questions that Recent Activity Module can help to alleviate.

Recent Activities:
✔ Products Viewed
✔ Categories Viewed
✔ Manufacturers/Brands Viewed
✔ Products Added To Cart
✔ Products Compared
✔ Products Added To Wishlist
✔ Products Purchased

Recent Activity Module:
✔ To display recent activities anywhere in your store with recent activity details. It comes with latest features to refresh new activities automatically.

By displaying recent activity, you can help put your customers at ease and guide them to what the normal behavior is at your shop. Customers crave certainty and are more likely to take action if specific information is available. Displaying your other customers activity is an effective means to provide information and remove ambiguity. One of the key factors of Recent Activity, is its ability to respond immediately to customer input. If a customer views a product, it shows in the feed. If a customer purchases a product, it shows in the feed. This feedback mechanism will allow customers to have trust in the activity shown in the feed. With this trust established, questions comes into customers mind are like "Can I trust this store to buy particular product?". If they see others purchasing from your store, they will be more likely to as well. Recent Activity has a natural social type behavior that builds trust.

Store Front Demo
Admin Demo

Free Support
Having trouble installing or using this extension? Contact Opcrat

Easy to Install, no need to change core files of opencart.

Released Latest Version 1.0.1 New!!

Notice: This extension adds new tables to your database.

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Advanced Coupon - Many Combinations

✔ Join more than 5000 Happy Opencart Store Owners enjoying the extensions designed and developed by Opencart Partner.
Everything you need to run a Coupon based Promotions on your Opencart web store. Increase your Sales!!

Main Features (Advanced Coupon)
✯ $X Off for The Entire Store
✯ X% Off for The Entire Store
✯ Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)
✯ Buy Three Get Two Free
✯ Buy X Get Y Free
✯ Buy X Get $Z Off
✯ Buy X Get Z% Off
✯ Buy X Get Y with $Z Off
✯ Buy X Get Y With Z% Off
✯ Buy X from Selected Products/Categories/Manufacturers Get Y Free
✯ Buy X from Selected Products/Categories/Manufacturers get Y from Selected Products/Categories/Manufacturers Free
✯ Buy X Get Shipping Free
✯ Every Monday Get %10 Off
✯ Every Saturday-Sunday Buy One Get One Off
✯ Custom Coupon wise Error Messages
✯ Advanced Coupon History
✯ Any type of combination using below options.

Advance Coupon Customization Options
✔ Discount Type Percentage/Fixed/Fixed Product Price
✔ Minimum Total Quantity/Quantity Range
✔ Minimum Total Value/Value Range
✔ Buy/Sale Quantity
✔ Quantity Type (Fixed/Proportional)
✔ Buy/Sale Product Selection
✔ Buy/Sale Category Selection
✔ Buy/Sale Manufacturer Selection
✔ Exclude Special Products
✔ Exclude Discounted Products
✔ Works with Default Coupon
✔ Login Requierd to apply Coupon
✔ Starting Date - End Date
✔ Uses per Sale
✔ Uses per Customer
✔ Free Shipping
✔ Supports Multi-Store
✔ Supports Multi-Store
✔ Customer Group
✔ Currency
✔ Language
✔ Recurring/Days
✔ Select All And Unselect All for Selection Products

Advanced Coupon Module (FREE)
✔ To display promotional products anywhere in your store with coupon details.
✔ Option to display Buy/Required Products or Products On Sale.

More Details
Visit Advanced Coupon Extension

Released Version Advanced Coupon 1.2 New!

Notice: This extension adds new tables to your database. This extension required VQMod installed.

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